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Case Study

Deltera Maximizes Construction Efficiency

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The Challenge

When Deltera began construction on a large luxury condo in downtown Toronto, the team relied on manual processes. Not only was this time-consuming, but it also inhibited productivity. The team wanted to find a centralized solution that allowed them to more efficiently track on-site progress and provided them with real-time visibility into project performance.

The Solution

With Procore, Deltera streamlined workflows and offered real-time information from anywhere. This meant greater field-to-office collaboration and gave all stakeholders (including owners) greater insight into how the project was progressing at any moment.

The Results

I’ve used many other systems. The reporting capabilities and automation with Procore far exceed any other program I’ve ever used.

Kylie Campbell

Project Manager

The Story

At the intersection of Spadina and Front Street in Toronto, The Well stands as one of the largest luxury condos in the downtown area. It’s a complex and multi-faceted project, involving close to 100 trades and hundreds of staff on-site at any given time. Project Manager Kylie Campbell notes, "We’re building a village within a seven-acre radius."

When Campbell first joined Deltera, she was hired to create more streamlined processes and to help ensure The Well was a success. At the time, Deltera used spreadsheets, email, and paper documents to track and manage the project. Not only was this time-consuming, but it also meant someone had to manually collect data on site which was disruptive to the field team’s productivity. The team wanted to find a more efficient solution that allowed them to trackball in court, provided real-time visibility into the project, and offered more robust reporting capabilities.

Deltera - project grounds

With over 20 years of industry experience, Campbell knew what needed to change. "Understanding the magnitude of this project, I said right from day one, I cannot do this without Procore," she recalls.

Having experience with Procore at a previous company, she recognized the construction management platform could help streamline Deltera’s processes and workflows. "I’ve used many other systems," she explains, "The reporting capabilities and automation with Procore far exceed any other program I’ve ever used."

Once Deltera implemented Procore, teams had up-to-date drawings and specifications, and they were accessible from anywhere, at any moment. This also improved field-to-office collaboration and mitigated the risk of error and rework.

Deltera - project grounds

Better yet, Deltera was able to boost the quantity and quality of data the office team received from the field. Campbell explains, "I showed one of our site superintendents Procore’s daily log and how you can dictate notes. He thought it was so cool. His daily log notes went from zero to overkill just because he discovered that feature. Both older and younger site supers love it."

Campbell says that Procore has also been beneficial for external stakeholders as well. "Owners want to see the health of their project, so they’re actually now specifying that Procore be used. They want to see the budget, know when there’s a weather delay, and see the schedule. That’s all in Procore. They won’t accept anything less."

For Campbell, the ROI of having Procore is more than just a number. "All it takes is one claim to pay for the cost of it," she says. "When I discuss the return on investment, I immediately think about how much it would cost to have one person tracking all this data. But the reality is, it wouldn’t take just one person—it would take multiple people."

She continues, "Procore is becoming the industry standard, and it’s growing and snowballing. People are looking for more of that."

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