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Concord Projects

Clients can follow every project phase in real-time

The Challenge

Concord Projects spent a long time building the hard way. Manual, repetitive processes relied on email, spreadsheets, and lots of paper to keep the project moving. Teams were siloed, field and office were largely non-integrated, and processes were unscalable.

The Solution

A cloud-based construction management platform gathers all project threads in a real-time environment visible to all stakeholders. From specialty trades to the owner, cross-project transparency closes gaps and boosts communication.

The Results

“Concord has a reputation in Winnipeg as being one of the most open and transparent contractors in the industry. Procore supports us in that mission. We can give the client access to what we’re doing—all in real time, and anywhere they are. The feedback has been great.”
NOLAN PLOEGMAN, President & CEO, Concord Projects
Concord Projects

Office to Field and Back Again

Concord Projects’ President and CEO was introduced to construction the hard way: by his father-in-law. “I’m a finance and accounting graduate from the University of Manitoba. I was in a financial analyst role at a big insurance company in Winnipeg. Long story short, I realized I didn’t want to work there forever. Out of the blue one day,” Ploegman continues, smile broadening, “my father-in-law phoned and said, ‘I need to meet with you in my office.’” Nolan’s mild panic was immediate but unfounded. “He extended me an opportunity I couldn’t resist—to come and work at Concord Projects.” 15 years later, Nolan sees all. “Concord has had a reputation in Winnipeg as one of the most open and transparent, customer-oriented contractors in the industry. Our construction management platform allows us to be even more transparent, to strengthen our reputation and build a stronger legacy.”

Concord Projects - RTDS Smart Park exterior

Project Visibility and Recruitment—An Unlikely Couple

A cloud-based construction management system is a massive picture window with a panoramic view of the project— every actionable detail of the project. That’s the whole idea. Take down the curtains and enjoy the highly organized vista. Concord’s President likes to share the view with prospective clients. It’s an eye-opener. “I bring along a tablet, log into the platform on a similar project, show them what we can do for them. I don’t know too many clients who are going to take a pass on us sharing more project information with them. Especially when they learn this is possible regardless of their location.” Did someone say recruitment? “...and that’s really helping us win business and, of course, helps us attract more talent—people want to work for Concord because we’re getting great clients to work for and great projects to work on..”

Concord Projects - completed project interior
“The drawings tool is fantastic. I think that’s the one our supervisors and our managers are really enjoying the most—asbuilts, marking up the drawings. Everyone can access the most current project drawings and specs and add their own comments on there.”
Concord Projects

Drawings. Photos. Sharing. Winning.

In any sort of collaborative endeavor, shared information is key. Workflows that organically interrelate, automated ball-incourt notifications, forward-looking project analytics—these are all perks of the information age. Ploegman has his faves. “The drawings tool is fantastic. I think that’s the one our supervisors and our managers are really enjoying the most—asbuilts, marking up the drawings. Everyone can access the most current project drawings and specs and add their own comments on there.” Ploegman grows animated.

“My favorite tool is still just the photos tool, because when I’m on the run or I’m not in the office, or I’m not in the city, or I’m not in the country—I can very easily just check real-time pictures that were taken from the jobsite an hour ago. I don’t have to go to the network folder in the jobsite trailer. I don’t even need to be on the jobsite. It’s a simple tool, but it’s great.”

Nolan Ploegman’s journey has been…unique; from high finance to mud-caked jobsite to…well, his current role—which could be described as a happy embrace of it all. And that long-ago transition from necktie to hardhat? Piece of cake. “It’s a… different environment,” Ploegman says diplomatically of construction. “You’re out there in the weather. You’re out there in the mud, in the dirt.” His furrowed eyebrows arch. Then the grin. “I’ve never looked back.”

Concord Projects is a construction management, general contracting, and design-build company based in Winnipeg, Canada. Concord completed its first build in 1978 and never looked back. Today Concord’s diverse portfolio spans over 2,100 kilometers of Canadian geography, from Thunder Bay, Ontario on the shore of Lake Superior, to Canmore, Alberta in the western Rockies.


Winnipeg, MB


Commercial, Multi-family, Industrial, Institutional, and Automotive

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