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The Insurance Brokerage Built for Construction

Get the insurance terms you've earned—so you can protect and grow your business.

Bringing Innovation to Construction Insurance

Together with Groundbreakers, we’re creating the future of construction risk management. It’s time to improve the status quo.

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Exclusive Insurance Products

With our exclusive in-house products, we offer better representation by highlighting our customers' use of technology to mitigate risk.

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Unlocking Better Terms

As your construction technology partner, we leverage risk data from the Procore platform to help customers secure favorable terms.

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Construction-focused Brokerage

Built on Procore's 20-year single focus, our team of experts is dedicated solely to the construction industry and the success of its people.

The future of construction insurance is here.

As a modern insurance brokerage, we deeply understand your projects. We focus on aligning risk and operations to create increased customer value.

Employees discussing work over a tablet


Get a new insurance experience.

The insurance industry has been slow to innovate and embrace technology, which is holding back contractors. We use data-driven insights to help customers unlock the terms they've earned.

  • Enhanced insurance submissions with behavioral data. 

  • Personalized underwriting based on project performance.

  • Objective insights to paint a data-backed picture.

  • Speed up and simplify the application process with a digital and tailored experience.

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Procore builders run safer projects.

We offer terms aimed at rewarding customers for using Procore to mitigate risk.

  • Offering all lines of coverage as well as in-house programs exclusive to customers.

  • Utilizing risk insights across one million Procore projects, we strengthen the underwriting narrative to deliver the terms you’ve earned. 

  • Unique capacity backed by A+ rated carriers, ensuring you get the best terms possible.

Employees discussing work over a tablet


Not just another brokerage.

We pride ourselves on our award-winning support and deep understanding of your projects.

  • Better representation with a unique understanding of your business. 

  • Working as an extension of your team to align risk and operations, and creating increased value for our customers.

  • Our people-first approach means that we relentlessly focus on your needs and priorities.

  • Award-winning support with brokers who use their areas of specialization to help you grow your business and go further.

Risk Solutions for Construction

You’ve earned a better experience and superior terms.

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Property & Casualty

All lines and coverages to protect your business.

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Customer Story

The Procore Risk Advisors team drastically improved our terms, making us more competitive. The executive team feels safe and secure with Procore as our partner.

Casey French


Technology is proving to reduce risk.

Procore builders run safer, more predictable projects. Procore Risk Advisors offers exclusive insurance products to reward customers for using technology to mitigate risk.


Days Saved

Customer respondents reported saving an average of 15 days on the overall schedule on a typical project.


Improve Documentation

85% of customer respondents agree Procore improves their field crews’ ability to document and communicate site issues.


Improved Safety

79% of customer respondents that use Quality and Safety agree Procore has improved their company’s safety program.

* Based on a 2022 survey of Procore customers.


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