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Project E-mail Tracking

Open your inbox to everything you need to know.

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Communication won't get lost in cyberspace.

Crowded inboxes are worse than desks overloaded with papers and three-ring binders. With Procore you can control your communications and manage all project-related e-mails using one centralized e-mail client.

  • Easily search all project communication via e-mail
  • Continue using your email service (Outlook and Gmail)

  • Manage E-mails from One Place

    Every project managed with Procore's construction software receives its own unique email address. Procore automatically archives your messages in one central, safe location. Project e-mails are organized by subject in a "thread" fashion in order to organize and show the historical context of every email conversation.

  • Search Filters

    Search for any text in an e-mail and all of the e-mails with that text will be instantly displayed on the project e-mails page.

  • Use Your Existing E-mail Account

    Easily monitor your project e-mails regardless of the device or software you use to manage your e-mail; Procore works with any existing hardware device—desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Since Procore works with Gmail and Microsoft Outlook, any e-mail you send from your native e-mail account can be automatically tracked and archived.

  • Drag and drop

    Easily drag e-mails from Microsoft Outlook and drop them into Procore Drive. Everything housed in Procore Drive is automatically synced with Procore's cloud-based project management platform and archived.

"Procore saves our engineers an enormous amount of time."

Jason Falco
Turner Construction

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