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Cut tendering time estimates in half.

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Better tenders a few clicks away.

Procore’s software allows organizations to solicit tenders for projects while providing a central location for managing and viewing the status of all tenders. Contractors can download tender packages from Procore and submit tenders directly back into the system.

  • Powerful search functionality.
  • Solicit and receive tenders.
  • Tender Packages with unlimited document storage.
  • Tender history and tracking

  • Smarter Tendering Evaluation

    Procore enables quick evaluation of the key factors used to derive the best contractor for a specific scope. Users are able to compare tenders based on factors such as a breakdown by cost code, the backlog and tender history of individual tenderers, and the physical location of specific tenderers.

  • Tendering History & Tracking

    Procore helps your organization establish a comprehensive tender history for every project and tender package. All e-mails (both sent and received) are automatically attached to the vendor record within Procore’s Tender Tool. Procore also tracks the changes associated with every tender item so that it’s easy to know which Procore user did what, and when that action was taken. A key feature is the ability to see which tenderers have actually downloaded the tender documents to enable a tender administrator to follow up with the appropriate parties. Procore’s Tendering Tool is designed to be easy to use so that subcontractors can respond quickly to tender solicitations. The tender list view within Procore informs a tender administrator which vendors have indicated whether they will or won’t tender, which have actually submitted tenders, and which vendors have yet to respond at all. It also provides the ability to send out reminder e-mails to tenderers who have not yet responded.

  • Powerful Tenderer Search Functionality

    The Procore database tracks a variety of data points about a tenderer to give a tender administrator power search options to find the right set of tenderers to invite on a project. Filtering searches based on items such as trade(s) performed, disadvantaged business classifications such as MBE/WBE/DBE, associated cost codes, proximity to a certain location, and minimum historical rating by your project teams can allow you to quickly compile the right list of qualified tenderers. Features such as copying a tender list from a previous project can make the process even faster.

  • Create Tender Packages

    Procore construction project management software makes it simple to manage the documents that make up a tender package. Tender documents can be any format, including plans, specs, PDFs, and file types from other construction software packages such as CAD applications or spreadsheets. After being uploaded to Procore, all documents are sent out to tenderers as download links and there are no limitations on file size.

"The Tending Tool took what was 3 solid days of work and turned it into 5 hours."

Todd Seip
Geisinger Health System

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