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Case Study

Procore Estimating makes Grimard more competitive by leveraging estimating data throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Electrical project on a bridge

Grimard produces estimates 3X faster with Procore.

The Challenge

Canada-based Grimard is involved in multiple complex and large-scale projects with many different stakeholders. They needed a way to efficiently communicate with these stakeholders, share project details with them, receive feedback, and digitize processes that were previously done manually. They also needed a way to accurately estimate project costs. The company needed a way to bring all of its disparate parts together into a single system. They turned to Procore.

The Solution

Procore Estimating gave Grimard a way to efficiently communicate with stakeholders and offer full transparency in terms of project costs and planning. It also allowed Grimard to utilize historical data to make project estimates more accurate. Grimard was able to streamline its bidding process, which made it more attractive to potential clients and helped the business grow.

The Results

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Fast estimates

Procore Estimating helped Grimard produce estimates almost three times faster than it was previously able to.

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Fast estimates

Procore Estimating helped Grimard produce estimates almost three times faster than it was previously able to.

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Fast estimates

Procore Estimating helped Grimard produce estimates almost three times faster than it was previously able to.

Procore keeps improving communication between estimators and project teams. We used to waste time re-creating budgets at the beginning of a project, but now with Procore Estimating we just hit transfer to Procore.

Sebastian Grimard

Executive Vice President

Finding the right digital estimation solution during difficult times

When the pandemic lockdowns started in March of 2020, Grimard had to decide whether to shut down its operations entirely or implement a new platform with people who were now freely available for work. Grimard had been considering utilizing Procore for some time and decided to make the leap.

"We started looking for a digital estimation solution. We chose a tool called Esticom. One major criterion was the ability to integrate Estimation with our project management platform, which is Procore," says Grimard. "We made the right move, because less than a year after our implementation, guess what? Procore bought Esticom."

Aerial view of a factory

Grimard a numérisé ses activités afin de rationaliser les processus pour ses plus de 400 projets annuels.

« Je dirais que la progression très lente vers la numérisation constitue un défi qui peut être encore plus urgent dans le secteur de la construction. » En comparaison, l'industrie manufacturière a fait le pas beaucoup plus tôt. Il est toujours surprenant que même certaines des plus grandes entreprises EPCM du monde utilisent encore le papier et Excel pour gérer les projets », déclare M. Grimard.

« Les clients exigent plus de détails. Ils rehaussent les exigences relatives à la qualité. Et tout cela pour le même coût, évidemment. Cela met beaucoup de pression sur notre personnel et sur les entreprises d'ingénierie, les entreprises de construction comme nous, les systèmes et notre personnel. »

Grimard avait besoin d'implémenter un système de communication en temps réel centralisé et facile à utiliser avec les intervenants. L'entreprise avait également besoin d'un endroit pour garder toutes les données de projet afin que tout le monde puisse y accéder facilement. Procore offrait les solutions désirées par Grimard.

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Procore Estimating helps Grimard get bids out faster

"Everything has to be fast and accurate. Information flows constantly and rapidly, and this is even more true today. It can take three days to open a bid project, print drawings, and manually track all changes—that's not true anymore," says Grimard. "A client wants better visibility with details. As a business operator, we want accurate estimation data, and we want it backed with execution actuals and current material costs. Essentially, we want to close the loop from execution, back to estimation."Grimard had four requirements for adopting a new estimation system. It had to be efficient and easy to access in the field, have historical actuals to make future estimates more accurate, the ability to connect financials to work processes, and the ability to accurately pass project information between preconstruction and construction teams without delay. Procore Estimating has been all that and more for Grimard.

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Procore is committed to advancing the construction industry by improving the lives of people working in construction, driving technology innovation, and building a global community of groundbreakers. Our connected global construction platform unites all stakeholders on a project with unlimited access to support and a business model designed for the construction industry.

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