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Suns Out. Nail Guns Out. (Log it All.)

Procore's Site Diary Tool is much more than just field notes. Procore offers a more powerful construction software solution for project managers who need to keep track of every detail including, but not limited to, labour, communication, equipment, materials, and job-site events each and every day.

  • Automatically track weather conditions
  • Archive data for access to information whenever you need it
  • Improve labour productivity with tracking
  • Log manpower hours so you can keep track of labourer fees and so much more...

  • Record Weather Conditions

    Procore begins the site diary entry by automatically logging and archiving the daily weather report for the job site. All weather information can be supplemented by manual input in the event that site-specific conditions do not exactly match the weather feed.

  • Integrate With Your Schedule

    The Site Diary also displays your pre-scheduled tasks for the day. A site superintendent can accomplish his or her construction project management duties by simply filling in task details, including which subcontractors showed up on the job site, how long those subcontractors worked for and what percentage of each task was completed. Procore is tightly integrated with Microsoft Project, and also supports popular construction project scheduling software formats from vendors such as Primavera and AEC.

  • Customise to Fit Your Needs

    Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, users can configure the Site Diary within Procore and specify which sections are displayed, and in which order they should appear. Procore's Site Diary Tool has dynamic filtering and search capabilities, allowing you to report on any log. Need to know the number of manpower hours used in past weeks and which vendors performed the work? Procore's Site Diary allows you to quickly gather this information to report, print, or export to a spreadsheet.

  • Archive Your Data

    All information contained in Procore's Site Diary Tool is automatically archived and saved to multiple server hard drives. Your site diary entries can be exported as PDF files as well.

"Procore has increased the effectiveness and overall quality of our daily logs exponentially."