Building the software that builds the world.

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This is Procore Engineering

Our mission is to build software that simplifies the complex day-to-day business of construction. Our work is guided by our values.


A ready willingness to engage and express as well as to consider new information and ideas.


The ability to envision and pursue favorable outcomes—even in the face of challenges, and to believe in the capabilities and goodwill of oneself and others.


The sense of having a personal stake in a project's or team's success and the feeling of empowerment and responsibility that goes with it.

Our Teams

Mastery, autonomy, and purpose are defining aspects of Procore's work culture. In order to encourage autonomy and keep us agile, we are organized into a few teams that support different areas of our product. Within those teams are numerous self-sufficient squads. The individual developers within squads are encouraged to own the feature they work on and offer up innovative solutions to unique problems.

Our Challenges

Our Tech Stack

Our tech stack is Ruby / Rails / Postgres, with a few microservices in Rust and Elixir, where we need to focus on high concurrency and performance. We have overhauled our front end to implement ReactJS and Redux. Our mobile apps provide access to many of Procore's tools on iOS, Android and Windows.

Marketplace Highlights

Marketplace Highlights

Multiple devices running Procore

Continuous Learning Opportunities

At Procore you'll have the opportunity to attend the top conferences and meetups in your field. We also regularly host industry leaders and local luminaries on campus to speak. And get your voice ready because our developers are encouraged to lead talks. With our internship program, everyone gets the opportunity to mentor and be mentored. You'll work on real problems, in real projects, and create real solutions that will help develop your skills.

Innovation Labs

Our development team works directly with clients to rapidly change our platform to meet industry needs. Take an inside look at our development brawn in action.

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Your success is our success. And that's why we believe strongly in providing our employees with benefits that not only match our Procore values, but enhance the personal and professional lives of our team members. Check out a few of our benefit offerings.

  • Be well. Stay well.

    Procore provides one hundred percent healthcare for employees (medical, dental, vision).

  • Procore Values Time

    Need to take a vacation? Or maybe you just need a mental break? Procore provides value-driven paid time off. No accruals, no "use it or lose it" game playing with your vacation bank, just straight up openness, ownership, and optimism.

  • Employee Equity

    When you become a member of the Procore team, you have the opportunity to take ownership in Procore with our employee equity plans. Not only will you take pride in your work, but it becomes an investment in building your company.

  • But that's not all...

    With Procore you'll receive long term disability, life insurance, and extended maternity/paternity leave, not to mention a family-friendly campus!

  • Planning for Retirement

    We believe in setting our team members up for success—both short and long-term! Procore provides a 401k with contribution.

  • Employee Enrichment Program

    You are more than a chair-filler or cubicle zombie. You are a person with dreams, goals, and ambitions both personally and professionally. We offer classes and programs to help you develop YOU.

  • More Wags than Barks

    Honestly, how can you not smile when a friendly face welcomes you with wags and a slobbery hello? Our dog-friendly offices mean you can bring your furry best friend to work with you.

Job Openings

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