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Gibbs Comfort Services Ltd

District of Columbia • Florida • Maryland • New Jersey • New York • Ohio • Pennsylvania • Virginia • West Virginia
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Bim and Model Making Services, Combustion System Gas Piping, Commercial Equipment, Commissioning, Compressed Air Systems, Demolition, Design and Engineering, Equipment, Equipment Rental, Estimating, Fabricated Engineered Structures, Fabricated Rooms, Field Offices and Sheds, Fire Extinguishing Systems, Fire Suppression, Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning HVAC, HVAC Air Distribution System Cleaning, HVAC General, Ice Rinks, Industry Specific Manufacturing Equipment, Information Management and Presentation, Instrumentation and Control For HVAC, Instrumentation and Control For Process Systems, Integrated Automation Actuators and Operators, Integrated Automation Control and Monitoring Network, Integrated Automation Control Dampers, Integrated Automation Control Valves, Integrated Automation Current Sensors, Integrated Automation Kw Transducers, Integrated Automation Lighting Relays, Integrated Automation Local Control Units, Integrated Automation Network Devices, Integrated Automation Network Gateways, Integrated Automation Power Meters, Integrated Automation Sensors and Transmitters, Integrated Automation Software, Integrated Automation Systems For Conveying Equipment, Integrated Automation Systems For HVAC, Lifts, Limited Use Limited Application Elevators, Liquid Acids and Bases Piping, Liquid Fuel Process Piping, Liquid Polymer Piping, Louvers, Manufacturing Equipment, Material Storage, Mechanical Design and Engineering, Metal Fabrications, Motorized Wall Louvers, Plumbing General, Process Piping System Protection, Processed Water Systems, Project Management, Project Management and Coordination, Recycling and Salvage, Reflective Insulation, Security Equipment, Snow Control, Solid and Mixed Materials Piping and Chutes, Sound Vibration and Seismic Control, Special Facility Components, Special Purpose Rooms, Special Structures, Specialized Systems, Temporary Air Barriers, Temporary Barricades, Temporary Dust Barriers, Temporary Lighting, Temporary Water, Wall Vents, Water Detection and Alarm, Weighing Equipment, Welding and Cutting Gases Piping
Small family owned mechanical contractor with experience in projects up to 125M. Small team of professional tradesman with ability to scale up as needed by managing associate companies to achieve completion of projects on time. Engineering associates for structural and mechanical trade, allowing us full design build capability.

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