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Advanced Construction Technologies (ACT)

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Advanced Construction Technologies (ACT) is a diverse construction company that specializes in geotechnical and environmental engineering and construction. ACT has extensive experience in the design and installation of engineered VOC Vapor/Methane Gas mitigation barrier systems, landfill liners, excavation, grading, slope stabilization, drainage improvement, oil well abandonment/venting, plumbing, and general construction. Our clients include developers, land owners, general contractors, home builders, engineers, attorneys, property managers and homeowners’ association seeking solutions for specialized construction projects. ACT's Management team includes licensed civil/geotechnical engineers and licensed contractors. This dedicated team allows ACT to provide design/build solutions to our clients nationwide. We stress customer service and employ individuals who share this goal. Clients commend ACT for attention to detail, timeline and budget. SCOPE OF SERVICES Vapor Intrusion Mitigation • Vapor Barriers • HDPE/LLDPE Vapor Barriers • Gas Vapor/Methane Mitigation Systems • Sub-Slab Depressurization Systems • Methane Alarm/Detection Systems • Oil Well Abandonment/Ventilation • Remedial Barriers • Sediment Capping Landfills • HDPE/LLDPE • GCL’s • PVC • Gas Extraction Systems • Geo-composites • Geotextile Installation

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