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Procore Solutions Optimized for Your Organization Our highly specialized team of Procore-certified consultants invites you to experience a new tier of construction technology service. Procore Services • Managed Services Our managed services are customizable to match your needs and budget and may involve full or part-time assistance. Avicado offers system administration, on-call support, system auditing, business analysis, project management and more. • Training Avicado is uniquely positioned to coach your team on how to master Procore. Our industry-experienced trainers will bring your team up to speed to become efficient experts and independent problem-solvers poised for long-term success. • Automation Allow us to optimize your organization’s construction technology experience by implementing Procore process automation. We’ll tap into our deep experience designing and configuring hundreds of processes in order to identify best practices. • Implementation Services Our implementation services are streamlined, customized and industry-specific. Contact our team to discuss how we can work together to realize your Procore implementation goals.

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