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See how the Procore platform future-proofs your business so you can build forward.

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Procore’s platform drives growth for 1.6M+ users. See how.

In times of crisis, those who make bold moves fast reap the rewards. Explore new ways Procore's platform can be your competitive advantage.

Global Report: The Next Five years

Embracing change in the industry.

We surveyed nearly 2,000 global construction professionals to get an inside look about what is happening in the industry. See their insights on:

  • What they're focusing on for the rest of 2021 
  • How they're thinking about the next 5 years 
  • Ways to combat labor shortages 
  • How to leverage tech to manage costs
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Unlock profit-critical insights hidden in your data.

Data isn’t just a historical record of what you’ve already built. It’s a blueprint for building what comes next. Take these 60-min, on demand courses to learn how to future-proof your business.

  • Course 1: Introduction to Data in Construction
  • Course 2: Collecting and Analyzing Data
  • Course 3: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Course 4: Data on the Jobsite
  • Course 5: Data into the Future
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Outperform your competition with Procore’s platform.

Leaders leave laggards behind in times of crisis. See how teams that use a platform to gain better insight and foresight succeed. 

  • Understand the advantage of connecting all stakeholders
  • Know what features a true platform partner should provide
  • See how platforms are more efficient than point solutions
  • Get answers to the question: what is a platform?
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Maximize ROI. Start with a real platform.

When industry leaders think of what's next, they think of finding innovative tech partners and creating more efficienct processes. That's why they choose Procore.


More Efficient

Owners surveryed say they can manage 24% more capital projects/assets per person.


More Visibility

General contractors surveyed say they have more visibility into project health.


More Construction Volume

Specialty contractors surveyed say they can manage 24% more construction volume with the same resources.

Download ROI Report * Based on a 2021 survey of Procore customers

“Before Procore, owners, general contractors, and subcontractors were all working at odds. Now, we work together as a team.”

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Ric Clark


Brookfield Properties

“If we’re all going to speak the same language, we should do it through Procore.”

Gabriel Gutierrez

Gabe Gutierrez

Dolan Concrete

“We’ve been able to use Procore for functions that previously required four separate platforms.”

Jenessa frey headshot

Jenessa Frey

Turner Construction

Over 1 million projects have been built better with Procore.

Give your team—from field to office and across stakeholders—access to everything and everyone they need to work efficiently, communicate better, and build faster.

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Explore how Procore helps everyone build what’s next.

Take a free video tour to see how owners, general contractors, and specialty contractors each benefit from creating a hub for continuous communication and collaboration.

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Take control of your projects with visibility into every step of the process.

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General Contractors

Stay on schedule and on budget by connecting everyone and everything.

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Specialty Contractors

Produce quality work and get paid for everything with a single platform.


“Procore is the leading end-to-end construction management software solution.”

Request a demo to see how our platform backs up Frost & Sullivan’s claim.

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