Tips for Trades: How to Stay Profitable Despite Labor and Material Shortages

Tech Tips for Specialty Contractors


According to the US Chamber of Commerce Commercial Construction Index, the labor shortage and material supply chain disruptions are two of the largest obstacles specialty contractors face today. See how Procore can help you stay profitable under these difficult market conditions.

You'll learn how to...

  • Mitigate the risk of labor and material cost overruns to stay on schedule and budget.
  • Lessen the impact of the ongoing labor shortage by boosting productivity.
  • Stay profitable under difficult material supply chain conditions.


Scott Wolfe

Chief Executive Officer, Levelset

Ben Schultz

Chief Executive Officer, LaborChart

Or Lakritz

Founder, StructShare

Will Lehrmann

Head of Product for Specialty Contractors, Procore

Nate Tockerman

Product Marketing Manager, Procore

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