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Procore for Field Teams

You don't like to waste time.
Procore doesn't either.

Avoid headaches and save time with
project management software that gets the job done.

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Keep your team
within yelling distance.

The Procore app can be accessed from your mobile phone or tablet. With a mobile project management solution, you have the freedom to move around the job site and stay up to date with notifications that tell you what's happening, when it's happening, or what should be happening but isn't, no matter where you are.

You'll be able to send information, answer questions, and even make sure your teams are working (without your voice going hoarse from yelling too much). Just grab your mobile phone or tablet and go anywhere with access to everything.

Keep your team within yelling distance.

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Easier to use than pen and paper.

Procore software is hassle-free, so the only thing you'll want to punch are the items on your punchlist. And we make that, plus everything else you need, easy to find, use, and distribute. With just a few clicks on your mobile phone or tablet, inspections, punch lists, and RFIs are easily reached, and can be answered, recorded, or updated all from one place, anywhere you are.

Attach pictures, email project managers, or log safety issues right from the field. Everything you need is at your fingertips without dealing with the hassle of a strong wind (or an exploded pen).

Easier to use than pen and paper.

Work smarter, leave earlier.

Procore is the one team member you won't have trouble with. Since your day is filled with managing personalities, keeping the job site safe and making sure work is getting done right, you don't have the time at the end of the day to remember details or look for the scraps of paper where you jotted down notes.

The Daily Log allows you to quickly type in your notes, detail observations, or update job site conditions, right when the action happens, from out in the field. With more efficient tools you can get your job done faster and get off the job site earlier.

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