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Procore for Designers

The parti is just the beginning.

Procore helps you easily stay connected with your drawings as they come to life.

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Easier to navigate than a code book.

With Procore, easily upload, organize, and update drawings. Procore automatically splits drawing sets and organizes them using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Automatic version tracking keeps teams working off the latest drawings with real time updates to ensure the building remains true to your design.

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Easier to navigate than a code book.

Keep your communications straight.

With Procore, communication is streamlined through the application and questions, comments, or concerns are delivered directly to you through your email. You won't have to fumble with different apps or remember different logins. When questions arise, they are sent directly to your preferred email inbox and you can respond in kind. In parallel, all communication is tracked and logged within the platform so every email chain is recorded to ensure your instructions and RFI responses aren't missed.

Keep your communications straight.

Drawings stay central.

As the cornerstone of any building project, drawings must stay current and organized for teams to collaborate easily and efficiently. With Procore project management software, teams can access the latest drawings, see revisions from former drawings, and review markups, submittals, punch lists, and even attach answers to RFIs directly from within the drawing set.

Drawings stay central.

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