Once in a generation an industry shift happens that changes... everything

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3400 B.C.

The Invention of the Nail

All hail the pointed spear of togetherness! Its invention saved us time and eventually, money. Wood joinery was all the rage before nails went mainstream. Nails quickly stole the glory because of the break neck speeds at which a nail could help us hang up a "Wanted" sign, keep the wheels on our prairie schooners, or you know, build a house.

What's Next?

1000 B.C.

The Invention of Concrete

We should tamp down our enthusiasm about concrete, but we can't. Concrete comes from a long lineage of solidity. But concrete has been dealing with identity issues for centuries. The problem lies in the misunderstood origin and having to follow in cement's legendary footsteps. Concrete, made up of cement, has been a staple in modern construction, keeping us sheltered, molded to perfection, and cold (which helps keep the AC bills down, right?).

What's Next?


The Dawn of Industrial Steelmaking

Steel's a big deal. When it comes to being a mass-produced commodity, it's number two, and doing its best to take cement's number one spot. But the competition is rough. Both have been injected with signifcant innovations in production processes helping to further construction. But steel has something its competitors don't have, and that's adaptability to make everything from railroad tracks to that nail mentioned above. Concrete can't say that.

The Next Big Thing


is coming to construction