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Procore Headquarters
6309 Carpinteria Avenue
Carpinteria, CA 93013

Procore Cares

We believe in making a difference for our industry and our communities.

We're in this together.

Our mission is to increase civic sustainability and give back to the community we are proud to call home. But it doesn't stop there. We want to drive team building and collaboration as a company while we work together to do good. We know that when our collective minds and hearts are pointed towards helping our communities, we all benefit.

We're in this together.

Our heart is in the AEC

We have three major areas of focus for our Cares efforts: Animals, Environment, and Construction. We don't provide paid sponsorships, instead, we look to build partnerships where our employees can dig in and volunteer their time and expertise.

  • Procore Nails It

    Procore Nails It

    Procore + Habitat for Humanity have had a longstanding partnership across numerous avenues. A national non-profit organization, Habitat for Humanity builds and repairs homes, while Procore offers up skilled labor from our talented employees. We're driving in nails while we drive home the idea that we build more than software; we help build communities across the country.

  • Procore and the [Environment]

    Procore and the [Environment]

    Each Procore locale is invited to select an environmentally-focused activity unique to their city. At Procore's headquarters, we have proudly created Procore and the Pacific where employees donate their time to help clean up our beautiful oceanside.

  • Procore Paws

    Procore Paws

    We are currently looking for opportunities that can handle hundreds of volunteers. Contact us with your caring ideas!

Everywhere we are, we care.

Procore's remote offices are encouraged to choose a volunteer opportunity specific to their location. If you have an opportunity in one of our Procore locations, please contact us for details on how we can help! Please note, we do not provide monetary sponsorships
at this time