Procore for iPhone

Project management at your fingertips

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Everything You Need on the Device You Always Have

Mobile technologies have begun to replace fixed-location technologies that keep people chained to their physical location. The workplace is no longer a desk or office, but a device—a device that can go wherever you want it to go. Remotely complete tasks that used to seem impossible without being at your desk.

Mobilize Your Data

Constantly revising, updating, reprinting, and redistributing paper-based documentation is not only costly and time consuming, but almost impossible to manage in a collaborative and efficient manner. Give your entire team access to real time project data from any location with Procore for iPhone.

Never Stop Building

Being away from your desk no longer means being unavailable. Access Procore tools directly from your iPhone to continue managing your project no matter where you are. Open your project directory to call or email any team member, take photos and add them to your project photos, approve RFIs, close punch list items, and approve or reject submittals directly from the job site—all from your iPhone.

Keep Projects Moving Forward

When project teams have all project data at their fingertips, they can answer any project-related question instantaneously. RFIs can be created and assigned directly from the job site, product specs attached to submittals can be accessed in seconds, and punch list items can be reviewed with their up-to-the-minute open or closed status.

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