Procore for iPad

Mobilize your project management with Procore for iPad

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Increase Mobility

Take project management with you wherever you go. Untether your teams from their offices by allowing them to access project information from anywhere, at any time, with their iPad. Users in the field can review, create, edit, and share real time project information directly from the job site with their iPad.

Increase Mobility

Manage Drawings in Real Time

Drawings are organized into one master set with all sheets automatically named, numbered, and linked. Automatic version tracking prioritizes the most recent drawing set to ensure project teams never work off of outdated drawings again. Teams can not only review sheets, but mark up drawings with annotations or text comments, approve changes, link RFIs and punch list items, and distribute updated plan sets to the entire project team.

Work Offline

Access project data from the most remote job sites. Review the latest project plans without Internet access to continue moving a project forward. Link RFIs and punch lists offline and updates automatically sync when a device is back online, facilitating efficient project management from even the most remote job sites.

Work Offline

Improve Transparency and Accountability

Provide key stakeholders constant access to real time project data. This transparency serves as a risk avoidance tool helping identify risks before they become bottlenecks impacting the success of the project. There's no substitute for accurate and complete records when it comes to litigation.

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