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Unispace builds new global safety assurance benchmarks with Procore

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With Procore, we have a real-time view of our safety, linking incidents to corrective measures for the benefit of the global team. It’s helped us establish and maintain a new standard in best practice.

Kevin McCabe

ANZ Commercial Director

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Staying ahead of compliance

Visibility and transparency are key to the quality assurance benchmark Unispace is seeking. To meet its strategy to deliver over and beyond compliance requirements, it means Unispace trusts Procore to deliver the transparency and accountability needed to reduce rework and deliver higher-quality outcomes. The integrated SignOnSite app digitises worker site safety data.

“There’s no hiding with Procore. If a project isn’t meeting expectations, it becomes visible very quickly.  Procore lets us virtually investigate the project, and this proved very beneficial during the most challenging days of a global pandemic. It still proves invaluable for national projects we can't physically be at,” Kevin said.

A major advantage for ANZ regional safety manager Tim Ranson is the ability for teams to use Procore for communication and compliance on the go. By simply assigning defects to the appropriate trade and letting them address these from a mobile device, the platform enables quick and effective corrective action.

“Having a tool at the touch of your fingers to take a photo, upload it, send it to a subcontractor or client and address this collaboratively on the spot is the consultation piece that makes Procore highly effective for us,” he said.

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The benefits of an easy-to-use platform

Quality and safety assurance is not the only priority for Unispace. With the challenges of material and labour price fluctuations impacting all participants in the building industry, speed and efficiency in project management have never been more important.

Unispace relies on Procore to provide the data and produce effective real-time decisions from the moment it issues the last set of drawings for final pricing by its subcontractors and suppliers to client approval of budget and contract – all the way to issuing orders and subcontracts. This enhanced efficiency via Procore’s single source of truth approach helped restrict this timeframe to 30 days,  ensuring there are no surprises for the client.

"Procore is very user-friendly and easy to use. No more hunting for documents on the server or emails on people’s phones. Everything is centralised. Training our team is a quick and simple process as  Procore is intuitive and can be followed with minimal or even no training,” Kevin said.

Procore is committed to advancing the construction industry by improving the lives of people working in construction, driving technology innovation, and building a global community of groundbreakers. Our connected global construction platform unites all stakeholders on a project with unlimited access to support and a business model designed for the construction industry.

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