Procore Engineering

Building the software that builds the world.

Our Teams

Mastery, autonomy, and purpose are defining aspects of Procore's work culture. In order to encourage autonomy and keep us agile, we are organized into a few teams that support different areas of our product. Within those teams are numerous self-sufficient squads. The individual developers within squads are encouraged to own the feature they work on and offer up innovative solutions to unique problems.

Our Challenges

Big Data

Our Insight Team is focused on building an entire dashboarding system and working with terabytes of data and users that go back over 10 years.

Complex File Systems

We are working on building a world class document and photo management system from the ground up.

Live Finance

Our financials team works on budget reconciliation on live projects with budget input happening in real time all day long.


We are looking to scale from 2M users to 10M users. We know Ruby on Rails can scale, and we want engineers who are ready to take on that challenge.

Our Tech Stack

Our tech stack is Ruby / Rails / Postgres, with a few microservices in Rust and Elixir, where we need to focus on high concurrency and performance. We have overhauled our front end to implement ReactJS and Redux. Our mobile apps provide access to many of Procore's tools on iOS, Android and Windows.

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Continuous Learning Opportunities

At Procore you'll have the opportunity to attend the top conferences and meetups in your field. We also regularly host industry leaders and local luminaries on campus to speak. And get your voice ready because our developers are encouraged to lead talks. With our internship program, everyone gets the opportunity to mentor and be mentored. You'll work on real problems, in real projects, and create real solutions that will help develop your skills.

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Innovation Labs

Our development team works directly with clients to rapidly change our platform to meet industry needs. Take an inside look at our development brawn in action.

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