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We’ve got a winner.

Nominations have been made. Votes have been cast. Results are in. 

2019 Hard hat hero

Wes Bowlin

Occupation: Project Manager
Company: Rabgren General

Our 2019 Hard Hat Hero walks the walk. At work, he is the model construction professional—a no-nonsense expert that gets the job done. Off the clock, Wes donates his skills and time to people in his community that truly need it. Bringing his passion and experience to volunteer projects with his church and local high school, Wes is doing his part to inspire the next generation of Hard Hat Heroes.

2019 Runner Up

Jennifer Rhoads

Occupation: Senior Project Manager
Company: Balfour Beatty

This year's runner up is the definition of a servant leader. Jennifer Rhoads is beloved on her team for being generous, thoughtful, and encouraging—someone who takes care of everyone else before herself. Jennifer's selflessness powered her fundraising efforts as part of Balfour Beatty's team participating in Bridges to Prosperity, a nonprofit that connects communities via pedestrian bridges.

2019 Runner Up

Chris Jamieson

Occupation: Quality Control Manager
Company: Lee Kennedy

A Hard Hat Hero is someone who goes above and beyond before the rest of the world has had their second cup of coffee. It's this kind of bottomless motivation that earned Chris Jamieson our third place spot. His energy would be hard to keep up with—if it wasn't so infectious. Like any humble hero, Chris pitches in where he can help the most and inspires his teammates by the example he sets.


This year’s winner is in good company.

Learn about the Hard Hat Heroes from previous years to see what it takes to to make it to the top spot. 

2018 Hard hat hero

Chris Caricato

Occupation: Training Director
Company: Sheet Metal Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee of San Diego

Chris Caricato embodies the spirit of a Hard Hat Hero with his dedicated support for the next generation of construction professionals. Free education and training programs like Chris's play an essential role in solving the labor shortage.

2017 Hard hat hero

Gary Fogarty

Occupation: Project Manager
Company: Ameresco

Gary Fogarty earned his Hard Hat Hero title with 13 hour shifts and a reputation of working alongside the people he manages—not just instructing them. In keeping with his selflessness, when notified of his win, he insisted on sharing the trip he'd won with the runners up.

2019 HHH in the books.

2020 nominations are around the corner.

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