Accelerate Transformation By Building Smarter With A Unified Platform


Given the rise of overall construction cost, making smart tech investments that can scale and save cost is crucial consideration.

Watch this webinar and learn how a construction management platform helps companies in increasing productivity, managing financials wisely and reducing unnecessary risks.

Topics we'll cover:

  • To build a solid foundation by using a connected construction platform for project teams to streamline tools and workflows.
  • To diversify the tech stack in order to address the business needs and pain points with the most efficient solutions.
  • To integrate with open APIs techstack for smooth flow of data throughout the project lifecycle, that will allow teams to collect, process, analyze and share the data on a single platform.
  • Tips on how to empower your team to use technology effectively that goes beyond day-to-day operation and scale your business to sustainable growth.


Eddy Soon

Lead Solutions Consultant, Procore

Christian Surya Kencana

Account Director, Procore

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