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How We Build Now 2023

Construction leaders are using technology to protect profitability in the current cost and cash flow crunch in our new report. Find out how your firm measures up or risk losing your competitive edge.

Our latest benchmark report surveyed 876 construction leaders across Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines to capture industry risks and challenges, technology uptake and trends. You’ll learn:

  • Top 5 strategies to boost productivity and profitability

  • Why more efficient data management could save 22% of total project spend

  • The technologies businesses are implementing to reduce rework

  • Current market conditions of each country

Rising construction costs and cash flow management are keeping you on your toes. Download now to find out what your business needs to stay ahead.

Technology offers a clear line of sight to cost savings.


of industry leaders

say cash flow concerns keep them up at night


of firms

plan to invest in a construction management platform to protect profitability


of costs

could be saved through more efficient data use

Ronaldo Elepaño speaking at an event

Customer Story

If we could reduce the wastage by use of technology, then definitely, our profit margin will improve.

Ronaldo Elepaño


Philippine Constructors Association, Inc.

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Contractors reviewing the blueprints on a tablet and a blank area in the left


The Essential Role of Data in Construction Management

Why Real-Time Insights in Construction Leads to Project Success

The Role of Real-Time Insights in Construction Project Success

We've just scratched the surface.

There's more to learn about how we can help. Schedule a personal walkthrough with one of our product experts to see the impact our software can have on your business.