Smarter construction for data centres

Achieve smarter data centre construction with improved collaboration, efficiency, and quality, driven by real-time project insight.

Seize the data centre opportunity with a single construction platform

Procore's unified platform, connecting information and teams in one place, offers real-time, actionable insight into performance across projects. This reduces complexity and drives efficiency to achieve a smarter future for data centre construction.

Data-driven decision making, for more successful projects

Each data centre project requires a vast amount of information to pass through multiple approval processes and stakeholders. Find out how a single source of accurate and timely information connects teams, empowers proactive decision-making and improves processes to deliver more successful projects.

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Quality, compliance and 100% visibility - even on your most complex projects.

Run your projects with complete visibility and the highest quality and compliance standards, by housing every app, document, and stakeholder in Procore’s cloud-based unified platform.

  • Eliminate miscommunication and errors.
  • Banish rework and costly defects.
  • Track project progress and compliance.
  • Foster stakeholder accountability and trust.
  • Make smarter decisions with project insights.
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I am a:

Data Centre Owner Operator

As a data centre owner or operator, you influence the whole lifecycle of a project, mandating the choice of technology and suppliers used with an in-depth understanding of clients' business challenges, risks and commercial objectives.

In order to become trusted advisors to clients, you must make informed, data-driven decisions and manage project risk. Procore’s unified platform connects information and teams in one place to drive complete visibility of a project. With real-time insight in a structured format, you can make more proactive decisions to achieve your goals.

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Main Contractor

Data centre construction offers a rich opportunity for you as a main contractor. However, the complexity of projects – from their sheer scale, to the number of moving parts, and amount of stakeholders involved – could prevent you from seizing this opportunity.

Using Procore, you can bring information, teams and project supply chains together to seamlessly collaborate from a single platform. With access to a single source of truth, you can learn from every project, and ensure greater success.

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As subcontractors, you play a critical role in keeping data centre projects moving. This offers an opportunity to win repeat business in a growing sector. But, demand for faster completion has set new expectations for quality, and cost and schedules, with disparate workforces making it harder to monitor productivity.

Connecting information and teams in one place can help you make better decisions, and become trusted advisors to main contractors to win repeat business. Procore’s unified platform can empower you to manage hundreds of inspections across remote projects, and monitor site team productivity, regardless of location.

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