Case Study

Precise Development Drives Better Cost Control with Construction Technology


Time saving

for RFIs and submittals



which fosters client trust


Cost control

of material and labour

The Challenge

Creating Transparent Accountability

Tracking changes and the progress of a construction project meant Precise teams had to manually piece together emails, face-to-face meeting notes, spreadsheets and messages from different parties. Between site teams, consultants and their clients, it was challenging to manage variations and maintain an agreed timeline. They turned to automated construction technology to streamline their workflow and quality assurance outcomes. Due to the global health crisis, ongoing site lockdowns meant Precise had to counter increasing costs in materials and labour with significant workforce and administration time savings.

The Solution

The Transformation Map for Digitalisation

Precise Development was an early adopter of Procore Project Management and Quality and Safety. The goal was to improve the flow within design and build projects initially. However, Procore's ability to generate time and resource savings for Precise paid off as the company faced ongoing site lockdowns. The transparent collaboration and multiple-party communication process significantly improved project management tasks for all stakeholders.

"Our clients appreciate how Procore makes it easy for them to track the status of a project—it’s very transparent. Everyone can rely on the data to help us replace site visits and face-to-face discussions with a safe way to communicate. Having access to real-time RFIs, submittals and correspondence give them confidence in terms of project visibility," said Kelvin Lim, Architectural Manager.

“As we specialise in design and build projects, we are often still finalising a lot of design while building. Tracking and managing these elements, plus material and labour costs in this environment via Procore is key.”

Kelvin Lim

Architectural Manager
Aerial shot of a street

Linking Quality and Reputation

Precise relies on Procore to track quality on site, helping them construct buildings that will ‘stand the test of time.’

"With Procore, we have a transparent quality process. This places more emphasis on building right the first time and creating an accountability roadmap. It helps us track defects if we need to and remediate those with the right parties," he said.

This commitment to quality building has had reputational benefits for Precise—encouraging existing clients to work with them again.

"Our clients appreciate our project management achievements with Procore. Currently, we have repeat customers trusting us with new projects because of what we can achieve with Procore. From an ROI perspective, it helps Precise and our clients," he said.

Precise Development construction workers using Procore on a tablet

Leveraging Digital Compliance

Implementing Procore also plays a crucial role in compliance with Precise. With the Singapore Building and Construction Authority's (BCA) focus on industry-wide digital transformation, Precise is already well-positioned as a construction technology innovator and compliance leader.

"The BCA’s implementation of the ISO19650 standard is a crucial part of planning, designing and managing building projects more efficiently.  Our smart Procore construction technology ensures we meet the requirement to have a digital platform in place to streamline our workflow," said Kelvin.

In being compliance-ready for this standard and a host of others, Precise has also taken control of another significant challenge for Singapore's built environment players—the current labour shortage and sky-high material prices.

"It’s impossible to reduce our material costs, however with Procore, we have reduced a lot of wasted project administration because our communications are more clear. We are no longer searching for the correct version of a drawing, for instance. If we can better control project timelines, then we have the opportunity to average out the cost increase in materials and labour," he said.

When it comes to the ongoing transformation and heightened regulations for the modern built environment in Singapore, Precise trusts Procore to keep it at the forefront of innovation.

"Technology is transforming how we need to build and respond to government mandates for green initiatives. Our goal is to gain maximum productivity with Procore tools throughout the lifecycle of design to defects," Kelvin said.

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