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JVACC Triples its Productivity with Digital Project Management



in tracking RFIs


Productivity increases

with transparent project management

24 h

Response times

for Quality and Safety issues

Same-day Quality & Safety responses now possible with Procore

The Challenge

Water infrastructure projects in The Philippines face unique geographical and communications challenges. Project management and back-and-forth trading of paper-based RFIs and significant contractor emails and documentation can lead to miscommunication, time delays and can open the door to potential errors. With Procore, JVACC could digitally capture a 70 per cent improvement, with traditional emails and paper processing stepping in when digital communications weren’t possible.

The Solution

JVACC implemented Procore Project Management and Quality and Safety to benefit the project and their business. Project Management wanted to overcome the major obstacle of RFI creation and management. Before Procore, JVACC was the conduit between the client, the engineering team, several subcontractors and staff. They had to deal with up to 500 RFIs. With Procore, RFIs are automatically allocated to the appropriate engineer or subcontractor directly from the client, significantly reducing JVACC’s administration time.

"With Procore, we created a new culture of accountability, and projects adopted a new level of clarity. The whole team of engineers appreciate Procore as they have 100 per cent vision over the project," said Justin Angeles, Vice President for Water and Wastewater.

“Our project offices can be 60 km away from each other on-site. Procore really bridges that gap and resolves the issue of not having time each day for a face-to-face meeting. Communicating through Procore via photo documentation, RFIs, Quality and Safety Audits saves time, and that’s where we see the greatest value.”

Justin Angeles

Vice President for Water and Wastewater
Water infrastructure

Building the Digital Roadmap

Following the successful implementation of Procore Project Management and Quality and Safety, JVACC intends to maximise the functionality of their digital construction technology. They are now planning to implement Procore Financials for real-time financial data updates. What’s more, the integration with electronic agreement software DocuSign will also streamline approvals.

"A challenge with any large project team is the implementation of a technology roadmap that delivers easy to understand benefits. Procore has been able to bridge the multi-generational project team well, helping us to find the sweet spot between tradition and technology," Justin said.

JVACC has built a path between quality and reputation with its new digital approach to quality and safety management.

"We visually document our projects daily, and if there is a defect, we can communicate that immediately to our quality team. So instead of solving a quality issue that costs more in time and budget to resolve, we can manage it within 24 hours," he continued.

Water pipeline down a hill

Maintaining Project Timelines

Construction projects in the Philippines are responsible for the housing and care of its workforce. Delivering the largest water infrastructure project in its history posed unique challenges due to the global health crisis.

"We could not afford any health and safety breaches as these would lead to significant timeline delays and budget blowouts," said Justin. "With 5,000 workers, this could have been a considerable investment if we had been impacted. However, our Procore implementation allows us to remain highly productive and on schedule. If we didn't have Procore, we might not have made the project deadline."

JVACC set daily KPI goals for each member of its workforce. Within Procore, they could share site photos daily, providing evidence the overall project would meet its three-year project timeline.

"Procore gives our team a collaborative way to share their daily achievements and remain independent. These significant projects are staffed by reliable and loyal tradespeople; the last thing they want is to lose their independence in what is a mission-critical project," Justin said.

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