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The Challenge

Since its establishment in 1963, Great Eagle has grown to become a global powerhouse in property and hotel development. With offices in gateway cities around the world, its growth saw different manual paper-based systems and processes in use across various offices and entities. Limited control of project information across multiple systems meant it faced delays in approvals and project completion.

The Solution

In 2019, Great Eagle went live with Procore for Project Management, Invoice Management, Quality and Safety and Project Financials. Procore was the first cloud-based system it had implemented. The platform now integrates with DocuSign, Microsoft 365 and internal financial management systems. As a building owner, Great Eagle has mandated its consultants, contractors and suppliers to use Procore to streamline and standardise communications, as well as further reduce costs and timelines.

“By centralising our processes with a global project management platform, we are also enhancing how we manage investments on behalf of Great Eagle and any external stakeholders, effectively lowering our risk profile,” Baxter said.

“Procore solves two major global business challenges for Great Eagle. First, it is a centralised cloud-based information platform for all of our project information. Secondly, it's a significant contributor to improved efficiency and productivity outcomes when processing approvals and closing out projects.”
Simon Baxter, Managing Director
The Great Eagle Development and Project Management Limited

Centralisation and Opportunities Go Hand in Hand

To secure a system that would better support the development and project management team operations, Great Eagle launched a research effort in 2017 to identify and source a central project management platform for almost 100 internal staff and more than 1000 external suppliers. When shortlisted and compared to its major competitor, Procore was selected due to its superior integration between project management and financials.
“Procore clearly has the strongest development plan and new features and improvements are always coming out,” pointed out Baxter.
Great Eagle elected to pilot Procore first in Auckland, New Zealand and then in Boston, Massachusetts.

Baxter continued: “We needed a solution aligned to our needs which meant it had to be cost-effective and scalable because of the pipeline of global projects we had in front of us. With Procore, it’s one cost for unlimited users and this approach is in line with our culture and global expansion.”

Three images of various hotels, the first one is more European looking and made from stone, the second is a modern hotel under construction and the last image is of a grand hotel complex.

The Science of Project Management

The centralisation of information within Procore and its integration with project financials have delivered two critical benefits for Great Eagle.  The project and design brief now originate from a central, standardised document and Procore controls all reviews, revisions and iterations.
“The only version of a brief that has been signed off is the version within Procore,” he said.
Great Eagle has implemented more rigorous controls over its budget and project tendering processes. In the past, global projects have been subject to region-specific cost codes, but with Procore, Greater Eagle has introduced a universal set of cost codes. With one version now available for any project, it is faster to build a budget in Excel and upload that into project financials.
“There is much greater transparency and accountability with standardised and centralised data within Procore. Its workflow and audit trail capabilities support the governance of our tendering processes and external reputation,” Baxter commented.

Delivering Performance for Building Owners

Driving consultant and contractor performance is easier with Procore.
“The control and ultimate management of RFIs now lie with us—the building owner—and we have the tools at our fingertips to ensure these are resolved quickly and cost-effectively. With Procore, we can better manage the two things that challenge building owners—money and time.”
Procore is meeting Great Eagle’s needs at the lowest possible cost point.
According to Procore super user Catherine Li, “We have the real-time ability to track and maintain the pace of approvals, which is a big advantage. This also applies to the invoicing tool and mandatory adoption of our system by consultants and contractors. More importantly, we now have single-source documentation which has restricted the opportunity for outdated, repetitive documents. We are faster and more collaborative.”
Great Eagle also revealed that by partnering with Procore’s experts during implementation, the company has seen a greater impact. “The expert training and support provided by Procore to our entire organisation is the difference between the expected 30% impact, compared to the 90% impact we have experienced. They not only know information management; they really know the building industry."

Founded and headquartered in Hong Kong, the Great Eagle Group develops, invests in and manages high-quality residential, office, retail and hotel properties across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, North America and Europe. Today the company manages 24 development projects across 16 cities around the world.


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