Contractors and the Customer Experience imperative

How industry leaders are using customer experience to set themselves apart and win repeat business.


Webinar details:

In a new, more competitive commercial environment, customer experience is a critical differentiator for contractors. Leading contractors are prioritising customer experience and are using platform technology to enable it. 

By using a platform solution, Procore’s customers can provide a single destination for their teams to collaborate and invite their customers in for a live view of the project status. All without needing to run time-consuming manual reports.

In this webinar, industry leaders BW: Workplace Experts and Kenham Building will be talking about how they offer a superior client experience and win repeat business without breaking a sweat.

You’ll discover:

  • Why in today’s environment customer experience matters more than ever for contractors
  • How you can bring project, field, and analytics together to bring customer experience to life on your projects
  • First hand stories from Procore customers
  • The customer experience areas you need to be focused on for 2021
  • How you can get started with delivering a better customer experience

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