Case Study

Improving collaboration and driving quality of delivery with Solarpro’s solar-powered solutions

Solarpro benefits from Procore's ability to give clear, real-time insight into projects from anywhere.

The Challenge

Solarpro has grown to become one of the biggest EPC companies in Europe, thanks to its reputation for excellence as a general contractor and construction service provider. Working with international construction businesses to offer on-site support on projects, and employing a workforce of over 700 highly skilled employees, Solarpro now collaborates with an increasing number of companies across Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas.

As the company grows, the Solarpro team has found that processes need to be optimised in order to ensure smooth collaboration between an increasing number of stakeholders. In particular, this means being able to gain real-time insight into key documentation, like drawings, and ensuring a geographically distributed team can gain clear visibility into workflows, responsibilities, and actions, regardless of their location.

Gary James, Group QHSE Manager, Solarpro, explains, "We’re constantly striving to digitalise and optimise our processes, and we knew that we needed to take another step forward if we were to continue to best serve our customers, and achieve the potential and growth opportunities available to us."

The Solution

Solarpro turned to Procore’s single platform technology to enhance its processes, achieve real-time visibility into projects from anywhere in the world, and improve collaboration, in order to continue offering unrivalled flexibility, quality and cooperation, it’s become known for.

"Procore gives everyone in the business a single platform that delivers a clear view across sites in real-time," adds James. "Not only does this offer greater insight into quality-related documents, but it gives us a focal point for inputting all our information, and allows us to gain access to actionable data. We can then use this insight to improve processes, and drive efficiency in our projects."

The Results

Solar panels in a big farm

The Story

Solarpro’s broad suite of innovative solutions have seen the company go from strength to strength. Alongside the team’s excellent work with long-term clients —many of which are large construction companies, Solarpro has an extensive pipeline of new contractors and EPC projects.

This sustainable growth is a result of the company’s long-term strategy to create disruptive innovation in the smart energy sector, with the aim to make everyday lives more environmentally-friendly, sustainable, and energy independent. This strategy underpins the exceptional work Solarpro does for its customers, and Gary James, Group QHSE Manager describes what makes the company stand apart:
"We’re working to the highest quality levels, we’re cost-effective, and we seldom use subcontracted workers. But cooperation is the one word I’d use that sets us apart. I think our cooperation is second to none."

"We’re always willing to help, to think outside the box, and to change our targets depending on on-site requirements. To do this, we have to be flexible. We have to be able to quickly understand the health of a project, and to collaborate seamlessly, even from remote locations," says James.

​​A holding company with multiple departments delivering different solutions, from PV systems to charging stations, Solarpro aims to only use in-house resources to complete projects, rarely turning to subcontractors. With this in mind, the Solarpro team has to ensure the quality and efficiency of its own delivery, and that internal processes are streamlined, while key materials, like drawings, are clearly assigned and easily accessible for the right teams, at the right time.

James explains:

"Prior to Procore, we would have drawings in different folders in different locations, depending on which part of the holding company was the main contractor. Now that we have Procore, we can easily ensure drawings and specifications are in the correct contract folder. This reduces the amount of time we take trying to find the correct information; it’s more focused, and our resources are where they need to be. This is hugely valuable to us."

Solar panels view from above

Better collaboration, wherever you are

While easy access to key information is vital to Solarpro in managing its increasing number of projects and clients, it’s equally important for the team to be able to work together on these materials even when they’re not on-site.

James explains that Procore has been invaluable in driving this collaboration:

"Arguably the greatest benefit we’ve seen from Procore is its ability to give clear, real-time insight into projects from anywhere. From my remote position, I’m able to speak to an inspector and, rather than have a book of documents that only they can see, we can open Procore and work together on the same documents. This is a real boon for us, and contributes to the smooth-running of projects."

By capturing these documents digitally, and ensuring they’re time and date stamped and actions are clear, Procore removes the time-consuming need to manually record this information and, as a result, reduces the risk of errors. It also provides actionable insight into this data – empowering the team to make informed decisions that benefit projects.

"With a clear view of exactly what’s happening on a project, in real-time, I can see which inspections have been completed, whether criteria have been met, and if not, what needs to be done to ensure the project is on track. If something needs to be changed, I can call my inspector, go through the documents together, and update them instantly."

James describes Solarpro’s plans for the platform, and in particular, how it will help disparate teams continue to do exceptional work for clients:

"Procore will enable us to connect all our geographically distributed sites over time. One of our goals is to ensure on-site inspectors are trained to a position where they’ll be able to alter any check sheets and templates, on any site, through Procore."

"We’re a company with a number of international projects, where each site has its own lengthy inspection checklist. The ability to get clear visibility on every contract we have, and work with inspectors in real time, will be a huge advantage for me, and our projects as a whole."

A solar panel's farm in Hungary

Driving efficiency, enabling growth

Procore’s ability to deliver these benefits so seamlessly, streamlining workflows and alleviating the burden of manual tasks on the team, has been key to the Solarpro team, who will look to continue their stellar work in the field of solar power, and build on the company’s ongoing success. James concludes:

"I can speak from experience as to our desire to optimise, improve, and be more efficient. I always say to my inspectors, ‘We’re trying to put in the minimum amount of input, to get the maximum amount of output.’ Procore allows us to do that—removing arduous tasks, improving processes, and enabling us to deliver more efficient projects. It’s benefiting us greatly."

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