Case Study

Delivering unparalleled project quality and client collaboration with Cheevers Poole

The Challenge

Within the super-prime sector which Cheevers Poole specialises in, the highest quality delivery is paramount. Cheevers Poole’s clients have an uncompromising desire for high-end finishes and want the very best in quality and technology installations. With this in mind, Cheevers Poole made the decision to invest in Procore as a means to support and streamline their internal communications with their site teams and industry partners.

The Solution

Procore connects Cheevers Poole and the wider project team on one platform, increasing efficiency and enabling the management team to free up time spent behind a screen. Bringing together tools such as Drawings, Inspections, Snagging, ITPs and Site Diaries, Procore facilitates seamless workflows that makes it easy for Cheevers Poole to deliver on their commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

All project information being housed on one platform enables Cheevers Poole to further collaborate with its customers by inviting them onto the project––not only for a live view of project status, but also to review site photos and respond to RFIs.

Spa's pool area

A Relentless Pursuit of Quality

Cheevers Poole’s two directors, Philip Cheevers and Derek Poole, have between them accumulated over 50 years of experience, and have the breadth of knowledge and experience to understand what it takes to succeed in this space.

“Quality for us is everything, and it has to permeate everything we do and every aspect of a project,” says Poole. “Our clients expect nothing but the best from us—and that has to come through in every single touchpoint we have with them, from the finished build to how we are managing that relationship through the course of the project. We’re therefore always
looking for ways in which we can improve our processes to get every last drop of improvement.”

“The project management software side of construction is an area where we’ve seen a lot of innovation in recent years, and we saw an opportunity to get ahead. What our clients have always demanded, and were not getting from some of our competitors, was that ability to be kept in the loop throughout the course of the project. Procore allows our clients to have full visibility into the status of their project and enables them to interact with the project as much as they desire.”

“On our side, we’ve always been very driven to improve, and to secure the very best for our clients. We have a network of trades, artisans and craftspeople who are always working to deliver the best possible outcome for our customers—and they are as committed as we are to exceeding client expectations. Connecting the full project management information process on one platform enables our teams and supply partners to communicate better and have a live view of project performance at all times.”

Client Visibility and Collaboration

One of the areas where Cheevers Poole has always sought to set itself apart from the competition has been collaborating with clients throughout the course of the project—no mean feat when the client could be thousands of miles away.

As Poole explains, “Our clients aren’t always going to be available at the drop of a hat to come and visit a site—especially during the time of COVID-19. Nevertheless, these projects represent either their forever home, or a significant investment for them, so it’s vital we go the extra mile to make it work for them.”

This becomes especially important when clients are not from a traditional construction background. “It's really important we provide a way for them to collaborate with us on a project without forcing construction terminology on them or making them navigate long email threads.”

“Procore provides that for us. It’s the one platform that they can log into any time of the day or night. This enables us to secure speedy approvals on aspects of a project or specifications–– either through an email in their inbox or through Procore’s platform.”

Poole sees the platform as vital to their ability to stay ahead in the future. “Our customers are always going to be demanding the absolute highest quality and the best service—it’s the nature of the sector we work in. Procore enables us to provide the next level of collaboration with our clients and supply partners and deliver on our core values of craftsmanship, capability, and character.

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