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The Brand Resource Center outlines the general rules when using Procore brand assets and showcasing content.

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You may only use the approved brand assets that are provided on this site. Consistent use of these assets helps people easily recognize references to Procore and protect our company trademarks. Any Procore logos or images found elsewhere on the web are not approved for use.

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About Procore

From bidding to opening doors, Procore allows us to monitor the landscape of all the projects in our portfolio and quickly flag potential issues. With centralized communication and tracking of key documents like drawings, contracts, RFIs, submittals, and change orders, we're able to ensure that everyone on each project is updated in real time and assign accountability for roadblocks or miscommunication.


About Procore
  • Cloud-based construction management software application
  • Increase project efficiency and accountability by providing streamlined project communication and documentation
  • Manage projects from any web-connected mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop
  • Provide users a way to collaborate on projects and view documents, such as submittals, RFIs, and drawings


Why Procore?

Projects and Testimonials

We encourage you to include some testimonials or project photos of your own. We want to be shown in conjunction with the work that you're doing!

What to include
  • 2-3 Project photos
  • 2-3 Customer quotes