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Make communication easy and instant.

When it comes to communication on the job site, it's crucial to get the right information to the right people at the right time. From the simplest instructions, like where to park the truck, to specifics like which materials to purchase, getting information to the subcontractors quickly will save everyone time and effort.

  • Easily communicate instructions to key subs (with options to notify others as well)
  • Attach relevant information to Instructions
  • Quickly and easily search through all instructions
  • Access the full history of instructions during a project or long after construction has been completed

  • Quickly Turn Instructions into Actions

    Team members can stay up to date on all instructions. A site instruction is no longer a single phone call or email between the contractor and the subcontractors—Procore ensures nobody misses the instructions again.

  • Attach Relevant Information to Instructions

    Procore's 'Related To' feature lets you attach any electronic document to a site instruction, so that the supporting information—plans, specs, photos, PDFs—is right where you need it.

  • Record a History of All Instructions

    Procore tracks and archives all instructions, allowing the full history to be recalled and reviewed at any time in the future, either during a project or long after the course of construction has been completed.

"Procore has provided us with a tool that is collaborative, intuitive, and gives us information in real time."

Paul Tavilla