Streamline safety procedures: Procore Safety Essentials

Reap the value of Procore’s support and Quality & Safety solutions to comply with ISO9001 and OFSC accreditation to ensure your teams stay safe and healthy.

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Identify and mitigate safety risks.

Our game-changing Safety Essentials pack supports Australian and New Zealand construction companies to cut through red tape and onerous processes to gain ISO9001 certification and comply with OSFC's COVID-19 accreditation.
Leverage the power of Procore’s simple, easy-to-use platform to ensure that your business is keeping up to date with the latest safety standards.

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Built by an expert

The Safety Essentials pack has been developed in collaboration with Chris Haddrill, experienced risk engineer and industry-leading ISO consultant in Australia and NZ.

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Meet Australian standards

According to research* keeping up to date with new regulations can be the most complex part of compliance. As COVID-19 continues to alter work practices, we’ll support and streamline your adoption of new safety procedures from the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner (OFSC).

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Competitive advantage

Lead the industry with the highest quality and safety standards. Whether it’s to pass your next audit or to win your next tender, follow our simple steps to utilise our pre-built ISO9001-approved Integrated Management System (IMS), templates, forms and inspections.

*Research conducted by ACA Research on behalf of Procore Technologies

“The Procore system helped us deliver the workflow and documentation needed to demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement. It really helped us achieve ISO9001 certification.”

Hass Mccook

Systems Implementation Manager

DASCO Australia

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Align with Australian safety standards

  • Comply with ISO9001 safety standards 
  • Confidently gain OFSC COVID-19 accreditation
  • Ensure all your sites are COVID-19 safe and remain operational
  • Immediately establish practical procedures to mitigate new risks
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Cut through compliance complexity

  • Get a headstart on designing ISO-compliant processes 
  • Fast-track implementing safety management controls
  • Proactively identify and mitigate risks before a hazard occurs onsite
  • Consolidate safety documents, processes and compliance on one single platform.
Procore ISO Safety Solution

Pass audits and win tenders

  • Reduce your administrative workload 
  • Leverage our pre-built ISO9001-approved content 
  • Upload your standard operating procedures and workflows
  • Produce compliance reports with minimum effort 
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Get ahead of your competitors while they grapple with compliance.

Now is the the time to differentiate your business.


Not yet ISO-compliant

64% of survey participants in Australia have yet to get ISO-accreditation as at September 2020.


Face challenges to be ISO-compliant

71% of survey participants who have gone through or are about to go through ISO9001 compliance are challenged by designing ISO-compliant processes and producing the required compliance reporting.


Struggle to keep up

74% of survey participants who have gone through or are about to go through ISO9001 compliance struggle with keeping up to date with new regulations.

* Based on a 2019 Safety InSite Report conducted by ACA Research on behalf of Procore Technologies

Work better, faster and safer.

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