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Contract Management

Keep a traceable paper trail, without the paper.

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Commit to efficiency and consistency.

Procore streamlines the process of tracking and distributing contract documents, variations, and payment applications. Enjoy a collaborative platform for contract management with controllable permission levels to limit access and viewing rights to only your desired contributing personnel.

  • Create and track subcontracts and purchase orders
  • Manage potential cost impacts from start to finish
  • Speed up the approval process on contract documents
  • Submit payment applications
  • Monitor the status of payments

  • Commitments (Contracts and Purchase Orders)

    Procore provides tools to create your contracts and purchase orders without having to compile multiple documents from multiple locations. Procore can be customised to produce your company's contract documents to streamline the process and ensure consistency across projects. In addition, contracts and purchase orders can be accessed from Procore's mobile apps, enabling your project staff to have instant access to items like a subcontractor's scope document from the field. The Commitments tool in Procore allows your teams to see the status and current value of all contracts and purchase orders. Easily pinpoint which contracts have been approved or determine the status of invoices and payments.

  • Payment Applications

    Procore allows you to easily create client payment applications as well as receive payment applications from each of your commitments. Payment applications are formatted based on the industry standard G702/G703 progress billing and includes features such as retention and stored materials. Procore can even generate a standard G702/G703 document that can be customised to meet your specific project or company needs. Additional documentation such as Lien Waivers can be attached to Payment Applications to allow all required backup to be submitted. In addition, configurable approval workflows streamline Payment Applications and provide visibility into the process for all parties.

  • Change Management

    Leverage the power of Procore's integrated product suites to ensure that potential cost impacts don't slip through the cracks. If you subscribe to Procore's Project Management product, you can streamline the change management process from identifying a potential cost, through initiation of a variation. For example, if you identify an issue that has a potential cost impact, you can create a change event directly from an RFI, or walk around the site using the mobile app to ensure that every potential cost is tracked. In addition, Procore does something no one else does. Our Request for Quote (RFQ) Tool helps you manage the entire process of sending RFQs, negotiating cost, and tracking which RFQs are still outstanding across all open change events. This gives you an end-to-end change management processing engine!

  • Make signing documents a breeze

    Printing, shipping, processing, and returning contracts could take weeks and reduces your efficiency. So we've made signing important documents easy with our integration with DocuSign®. This integration allows you to provide electronic signatures so you can now sign contracts (Commitments, Purchase Orders & Head Contracts) anytime, anywhere, and on any internet-enabled device. Reduce your risk, lower your costs, and get quicker turnaround times with a more efficient and track-able process and instead spend more time on higher value tasks like budgeting, forecasting, and project managing!

"It's quite user-friendly so anyone from a laborer to a director can just jump on, anywhere, on-site or off-site."

Mathew Carnuccio
Prime Build

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Easy to use

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Unrivaled support

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Unlimited users & storage

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