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Kascorp scales the value of its projects over 21,000% in 5 years.



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The Challenge

Kascorp initially relied on an automated construction system but wanted to transform and professionalise the construction management processes in the concrete formwork sector. Founding director, Joe Kasalo wanted to build a viable alternative to existing competitors––and this meant it had to do things differently. Procore was implemented to deliver this capability, and today it gives the company the competitive edge Joe was looking for.

The Solution

Today the company considers Procore to be a core tool in managing everything from construction management and the administration of timesheets, invoices and financial statements. Kascorp has relied on project management, RFIs, quality and safety, drawings, invoice management and project financials to build a business that has scaled the value of its projects over 21,000 per cent in five years.

“I never considered launching Kascorp without Procore. I knew it could deliver the insights we could translate into the competitive advantage and partnership approach we wanted to offer to clients of any size,” said Joe. “Procore gives me the ability to see each site daily along with the history of the job plus the financials to track budgets and profitability on either a daily or weekly basis.”

“We launched Kascorp with Procore from day one. Procore supports the management of everything from construction to financial analysis. It’s an invaluable management tool that we couldn’t do without.”
Joe Kasalo, Founding Director

Building benefits from long term use

Joe had firsthand knowledge of the chaotic issues surrounding the paper-based process for site diaries and timesheets. He outlines how traditionally, “data would have to be double-handled––everything had to be put into spreadsheets. Site diaries and timesheets were separated with no clear way to match this to budgets or forecasts.”

Joe and his Operations Manager, Anthony Edwards, had already assessed Procore, concluding many competitors fell into the ‘dinosaur’ category. "The construction industry operates on an element of chaos; however, with Procore's transparency, it allows us to analyse and act on data.”

Initially relying on Procore to assist with project management, quality and safety and drawings, Kascorp’s commercial manager, Ian Anderson, then progressively rolled out the financials, saying, “Procore is better than most building financial systems or cloud accounting and bookkeeping platforms. It shows the net position of the company through profitability, job costs and profit and loss.”

Creating competitive advantage

Today for Joe, the two primary benefits for Procore are the management tools, including site diaries and financials. Each job’s history and issues are now clearly visible at the click of a button. It’s easier to track work hours and overtime.

“The transparency of being able to understand where each job is at in real-time––from wages, over-ordered materials or variations means we have a precise understanding of our budget against forecast. It is part of the continued evolution of our business, and it definitely gives us a competitive edge,” said Joe.

With Procore, Joe has been able to allocate team resources to value-added activities. Someone no longer prints drawings, instead they review them for changes, variations or design issues. The focus is now on keeping the job going and prevent it from being halted for unexpected changes in drawing and design. 

Procore is also core to the company’s KPIs, tracking RFIs and the resolution process with builders. With larger projects, responding and resolving RFIs can impact the bottom line and for Joe, “this is something we will use more and more as liquidated damages rise”.

Group of individuals huddling on an empty jobsite.

The value of mentors

One of the industry’s most senior and respected builders taught Joe a thing or two about the challenges the construction sector was facing––and gave him a path forward.

“I had a valuable lesson in my career from a highly respected builder. He outlined the issue our industry was facing in terms of margin––30 years ago you could make a 30% profit, today you make 3% to 5%, that’s if you even get paid on time. It's crucial you know if the price you are chasing on a job is the right price and only the data can tell you that.” 

"The reason I love Procore is that I have all the details for the job at hand. People have told me that we can’t do that and shouldn’t––and guess what? We can. In fact, it helped recently with a tier 1 project we are really proud of. Our inspection test plan ration was extensive. We needed a lot of data, management, reporting and invoicing. In Procore, we set up the ITPs in our system to accommodate the build's very high standards and met every requirement for the builder due to Procore.”

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Kascorp launched in 2015 with a unique working philosophy: offer a modern, professional, organised and transparent system for clients and partners that was easy to understand. Today the company provides a broad range of services for a standout development portfolio that includes government, commercial and residential construction projects.


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