Case Study

Everclad On Track to Scale by 100% in 24 Months

The Challenge

One of the major costs - and major headaches - for Everclad’s CEO Brian Mobbs was the management and communication of documents and drawings. With multiple projects operating consecutively, involving upwards of 40 contractors, the risk of errors increased dramatically. It became clear that as the business grew, so too did the degree of difficulty of keeping critical documents up to date. 

At one point Brian considered hiring a dedicated person to facilitate the management of the company’s documents. The enormity of the task became too much to manage, posing a huge risk to the productivity and efficiency of the business, as well as its potential to grow.

"We needed someone to solely manage the whole process of revisions because it was such a mess," Brian explained. "We also found that the larger the teams grew, the more difficult it was to ensure that everyone had the latest set of drawings."

The Solution

Before discovering Procore, Brian said Everclad tested a number of cloud solutions, but they didn’t meet their specific needs. Procore however, has given Everclad a whole new perspective on how to manage critical documents. 

"Now that we have Procore, we've completely eliminated the need to go out and source an additional person to manage the documents.

"The user interface of the software is unlike anything I've experienced in construction. It's extremely user-friendly and very easy to navigate. The responsive real-time support from Procore reduces downtime and increases productivity," added Brian. 

With Everclad’s eye on expansion, Brian said Procore’s annual fee, as opposed to a per-user fee model, is also very beneficial for small businesses. "Procore’s fees based on the growth and size of our business (rather than the number of users) is really beneficial for us in relation to scaling up."

Procore’s modular training system also saves time for Everclad when onboarding new staff. 

"Rather than having to personally go through a training program individually with each new team member, we can put them straight on the Procore modules, giving them the ability to train themselves at their own speed."

The Results

“The user interface of the software is unlike anything we’ve experienced in construction.”

Brian Mobbs

Everclad employee working in shop

The Results

Procore’s capabilities have now placed Everclad in a great position to achieve not only their business growth goals but also significant cost savings. 

"For us to scale, we have to create effective systems and processes and have competent people manage those systems and processes to drive results," said Brian. 

"It's very difficult to do that without an effective platform. The systems and processes that are built into Procore enable you to train people to give you the same excellent results time after time."

Procore helps to ensure that Everclad’s document management is consistent company-wide, as well as identifying errors and anomalies as they arise. This has enabled Brian to reduce the level of communication required across all channels of the business because all of the information is available and instantly accessible in the cloud. 

"There’s no longer any need for us to sit down and have meetings to go over the drawings, as everyone has access to the latest version of everything at their fingertips." 

"Procore has enabled us to create a platform which will potentially help us to scale by 100% in the next 18 to 24 months. It’s very difficult to do that without a platform of this nature, so for us to have a system in place that will enable us to onboard people, put them through a series of training sets, then have a system for them to be guided by, certainly increases our ability to scale very quickly, which is fantastic for our business." 

Now that this critical building block is in place, the next step for Brian is to scale the business.

Everclad employee group photo

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