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Amicus Hospitality

By combining Procore Quality and Safety with Xero and DocuSign, Amicus Hospitality created a real-time alert system.

Construction Manager

Using Procore Niclin increased productivity using Project Management, Quality and Safety, and Procore Analytics.

Construction Manager

Learn how SMLXL leveraged Procore’s construction management software into a 30% boost in productivity.

Construction Manager

Learn how Procore’s construction management software has helped Sinjen centralise its project management, quality, and safety processes.

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DASCO Australia

In this Procore review, learn how our construction management software helps DASCO save more than 200 hours in construction administration work each month.

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Kane Constructions

Kane Constructions QLD increasing efficiency by managing correspondence in Procore.

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Kascorp scales the value of its projects over 21,000% in 5 years.


Setting a new benchmark for performance and profitability

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In this Procore review, we take a look at how our software has helped Benmax Pty Ltd slash printing and paperwork costs for critical projects by 90%.

PBS Building

Procore and SignOnSite partnership enables a stronger WH&S approach for PBS Building.

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Ananda Development

Teams leverage Procore to reduce administrative work, drive innovation, and support rapid growth

Henny Pty Ltd

Henny streamlined their project management solution by dropping their variety of solutions for Procore's single platform

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Cook Brothers

Team leverages Procore’s user-friendly system to gain a competitive edge and boost business growth

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Everclad is a young company scaling quickly through efficient systems. As part of that mission they onboarded Procore's user-friendly management solution.

ABLe Communications

Manual payroll is not only time-consuming, it also makes budgeting and scheduling difficult. By switching to Procore, ABLe Communications saved both time and money.

The Concosts Group

Most projects were run using Excel or paper, which meant a lot of double entry, lack of standardization and little transparency into what was happening.

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Ascot Group

The Ascot Group needed to upgrade from their paper-based system. Read how Procore Construction Management Software helped them do this and more.

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ATG Projects

ATG was struggling to give clients visibility into their construction projects, so they turned to Procore as a digital project management solution that would allow real-time, transparent communications. Now ATG ensures quick and easy access for employees, clients and contractors whether in the office or on the go.

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Edgecorp Constructions

With Procore's software and mobile apps, site teams can now easily log and share project information from anywhere, at any time.

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Grindley was dedicated to finding the best project management software for their grindley, and chose Procore for its best-in-class user experience and efficiency.

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LT McGuinness

McGuinness' project management was a mix of processes and softwares until they switched to the central solution provided by Procore.

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McKee Fehl

Tired of their slow, manual paper process, McKee needed to find an all-in-one solution that would be easy for their team to learn. Procore filled this need and more.

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Prime Constructions

Prime Constructions recognized a need for greater visibility and efficiency as they looked to expand their company. Procore's all-in-one construction management enables them to do just that.

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Q Construction

With Procore's mobile construction management solution, Q Construction gained insights into every stage of construction, saving them time and money by streamlining processes, optimizing safety, and facilitating communications.

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After outgrowing their custom built project management software environment, they wanted a tool that would be powerful and flexible, but also be backed by a company with a strong culture. So they chose Procore.

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TruEdge Builds

How TruEdge Builds Gets Paid Faster with Procore Invoice Management

Walsh Brothers

Procore Design Coordination resolved issues across all teams and kept track of conflicts so processes could be improved. As a result, issues are resolved twice as fast.

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