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The Challenge

As Amicus Hospitality and the size of its projects grew, so did the need to project manage multiple facilities and services. A growing number of spreadsheets and documents—and overreliance on email—meant everything from submittals and RFIs to variations was extremely hard to track. The firm knew it needed better company-wide visibility for improved financial management and real-time tracking of quality and safety.

The Solution

With a preference for a cloud-based system, Director of Amicus Hospitality, Chris Maguigan, selected Procore to deliver construction project management benefits. By choosing Procore, Amicus Hospitality would also be able to integrate DocuSign for transparent tracking of contracts and Xero cloud accounting software.

“From a leadership position, we want clear reports—whether they be financial reports, site diaries or weather stamping. The centralised information available via Procore allows us to see where any project and our profitability is at any given time. This connection is critical for our business,” said Chris.

“Amicus Hospitality has a BHAG—a Big Hairy Audacious Goal—to impact 1 million people through its projects. Procore will deliver the single source of truth we need for centralised information, financial accountability and reporting and site safety management to deliver on our vision.”
Chris Maguigan

Identifying the drivers for change

In 2018 Amicus Hospitality was the successful Principal Contractor for the $82 million refurbishment of the Daydream Island Resort in the Whitsunday’s. Amicus Hospitality took the opportunity to review how it could improve its communication processes: “We were collating information across a 200+ labour force, and multiple subcontractors and needed a program that could manage documentation sharing and track communication. Procore was the best solution for us,” Chris continued.

Amicus Hospitality implemented Procore project management, project financials, invoice management, analytics and quality and safety and reprogrammed its approach to construction administration.

Initially, financials drove the company-wide roll-out for Procore. “We needed to make sure we could see everything in project management to support our financial position,” he said.

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The benefits of automation

Since the Daydream Island project, Amicus Hospitality has continued to build out its Procore system and centralised its safety documentation.

“The live dashboard in Procore gives us the ability to measure and monitor our risk levels with projects every day—and not three days later,” outlined Brett Alexander, Amicus Hospitality’s National Head of Operations and Quality Safety Manager.

Client communication was also identified as a critical business channel that needed further clarity and for project managers to truly own. “We have recently implemented the new Procore Correspondence management tool to better communicate with clients with a fully audited communications trail,” said Brett.

Procore’s Correspondence management tool now allocates client communications and responsibilities to individuals, helping all parties to see where the responsibilities and outstanding items lie. This tracks when documents are sent and received—helping subcontractors and clients better understand their role and the responsibility they have for any project.

Leveraging Procore for a stronger future

Amicus Hospitality has also capitalised on Procore’s transparency with current and potential clients.

“We can pull up live client projects in sales meetings, and the easy access to daily photos, RFIs, submittals and a platform-wide audit trail puts clients and potential clients at ease. It’s helped reassure current clients and helped us win new business.”

Chris and Brett are continuing to build out Procore Analytics with the hope of building the reports that highlight business performance and deliver the business intelligence tools for the future growth of the company.

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