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Procore for Global/National Contractors

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Mitigate risks as you expand your portfolio.

Between regulatory issues, safety, change orders, and rework issues, you walk a minefield of potential litigation that could cost you upwards of millions in time, attorney fees, and settlements.

From bidding to opening doors, Procore allows you to monitor the landscape of every construction project in your portfolio and quickly flag potential issues. With centralized communication and tracking of key documents like drawings, contracts, RFIs, submittals, and change orders, you can ensure everyone on each project is updated in real time and assign accountability for roadblocks or miscommunication. An organized, integrated document and communication system can help to reduce litigation risk.

Procore for Global/National Contractors

Procore for Global/National Contractors

Procore for Global/National Contractors

Implement a solution with an identifiable return on investment.

With an estimated $0.16 of waste per square foot for RFI management and $0.32 of waste per square foot for Change Order management* throughout the design and construction phases of a project, using less sophisticated software (or no software at all) could be costing you millions.

Procore's platform helps you easily manage the RFI and change order process for multiple projects at a time, tracking all changes and communications, with built-in alert reminders and integrated budgeting tools to make the best real time financial decisions for each project. With an intuitive user experience, you can anticipate a quicker time to value, maximizing your return on investment with a platform that can be integrated throughout the entire company in weeks versus months.

*National Institute for Standards in Technology - General industry estimates claim that between 10 and 30 percent of all building project costs can be attributed to wasted activities, such as schedule overruns due to inaccurate coordination scheduling, wasted labor and management time, wasted materials, and unnecessary litigation.

Implement a solution with an identifiable return on investment.

With our open API, you have endless possibilities.

Point solutions limit your ability to have open collaboration, obstruct total project oversight, and force your company into rigid operational practices that may not fit your company's diverse needs.

Procore's software platform was built with open-ended possibilities, integrating with various departmental point solutions (financial, scheduling, reporting, storage) to ensure centralized collaboration and optimal operational flexibility to support company-wide adoption.

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