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Make payday an even happier day.

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Save time tracking time.

Manage employee timecard data for all projects from one simple interface.

  • Quickly enter timecard data from web or mobile
  • Export timecard data for payroll
  • Powerful reporting options

  • Comprehensive Timecard Management

    Procore construction project management software makes it simple to keep complete comprehensive timecard records for all employees. Each record includes the cost code, cost category, billable status, type, OT/DT status, and a description of the work accomplished.

  • Timecard Reporting

    Timecard data can be filtered by project, cost code, employee, date range, or by billable status. Once timecard data is entered, there is no need to re-type the data into a payroll system. Procore provides an industry-standard Comma Separated Values (CSV) export for all timecard data. Data from Procore can be exported in moments for upload into an accounting or payroll software.

  • Ease of Entry and Real Time Tracking

    With smartphones and tablets, employees can enter timecard information as they perform the work, providing the superintendent and project team real time visibility. Timecard entries are shown on the Daily Log and can be considered a part of daily reporting. Procore also provides the ability for a single person to enter time on behalf of many people, and includes time saving features such as copying from a previous day.

"Procore has eliminated paper timecards, reduced time entry errors, improved our employees' time entry accountability, and significantly reduced payroll processing time."

George Liles
Liles Construction

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