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Change Management

Change is the only constant.

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Change happens fast. Make it happen faster.

Change is inevitable. Nearly every project will have changes regardless of the solution, so planning for this eventuality up front, and having the proper systems and procedures in place, is crucial for setting yourself up for success.

  • Create change events from mobile devices in the field and access related documents anywhere
  • Manage a single list of all changes, whether they're in-scope, out of scope or what-ifs
  • Gain visibility with dashboards and drill down reporting into change events by project, status, or scope
  • Create a change event directly from an RFI, or link it to an existing one
  • Provide a collaborative system while still maintaining control over what information your clients and contractors see, and when they see it

  • Manage change from anywhere

    Bring change management to the field. How many items have been scribbled on notepads to never make it back to the trailer and get entered into the system? How much time is wasted trying to link a change back to the initial issue? Who identified the issue? With Procore's Change Events tool, you can eliminate these risky scenarios by linking to the RFI that resulted in the change, or create the Change Event directly from the RFI. With a detailed breadcrumb trail from clarification to potential change, you can keep a clear, cohesive history of every project change so you're covered if a dispute arises.

  • Track a change from start to finish

    Eliminate the craziness and risk of staying on top of pricing requests with Outlook and spreadsheets, and let Procore streamline it for you. With Procore Project Management and Construction Financials, you can send out pricing requests directly from a change event. Put a due date on your requests and use the RFQ dashboard to see who you've requested pricing from, when you sent it, when it's due, and if it has been returned. Your contractors can submit their pricing directly through Procore so you'll have everything tracked and stored in one place, with a dashboard that updates automatically. Unlike other solutions that are simply change order logging tools, we're giving you a change order processing engine.

"The change events tool centralized the change management process and is saving us significant amounts of time."

Chris Russell
Engelberth Construction

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