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Track time, without wasting it.

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Track crew time in the field.

Save time tracking all field crew time in one place.

  • Quickly enter crew time data on mobile or web
  • Real-time labor and productivity data in one place
  • Analyze performance with powerful data

  • Comprehensive Time Collection

    Procore Field Productivity makes it simple to track employee and crew time for all projects. Each entry includes the project, cost code, sub-job, start time and stop time, exact work location, billable status, OT/DT status, and paid time off.

  • Ease of Entry for Real-Time Tracking

    The superintendent or foreman can enter timesheet data for individual employees or for the entire crew at one time, from mobile or web. Create predefined crews that can be edited on the fly, or copied from the previous day, for fast crew time entry. Employees can add a signature to the time entry to verify the hours entered are correct.

  • Timesheet Reporting

    Timesheet data can be filtered by project, cost code, sub-job, employee, crew, date range, location, and billable status. Once data for Field Crew is entered into the system, there is no need to re-type the data into a payroll system. Procore provides industry standard Comma Separated Value (CSV) exports for all timesheet data. Data from Procore can be exported in moments, and uploaded into an accounting or payroll software.

"Procore has eliminated paper timecards, reduced time entry errors, improved our employees' time entry accountability, and significantly reduced payroll processing time."

George Liles
Liles Construction