Case Study

How Westphal & Co. Achieves 20x ROI with Procore Workforce Planning

Electrical Contractor Discovers Cost Transparency to Improve Labor Planning

The Challenge

Westphal & Company, an electrical and technologies contractor based out of Madison, Wisconsin, was searching for a way to hold project managers accountable while empowering them to make labor management decisions. Since Westphal relies on project managers to manage active jobs across 15 states, they needed a transparent, digital platform that could paint a clearer picture of project costs and strengthen the connection between the office and the field.

The Solution

In pursuit of improved workforce management, Westphal discovered Procore Workforce Planning. Soon, the lengthy labor meetings that once distressed the team were cut down to short, monthly touchpoints. That extra time was then used for forecasting and personnel decisions. Workforce Planning became part of Westphal’s DNA, making it easier to understand current project needs in comparison to historical projects.

The Results

“I make my decisions on where people are going through Procore Workforce Planning. It’s how we know people are getting to the best spots.”

Kyle Sutter

Director of Construction
Detail of a construction worker using a tablet on site, with blueprints under his arm

A Need for Accountability

Founded in 1931, Westphal is an electrical and technologies contractor servicing the Midwest and beyond, with offices in Wisconsin and Iowa. Westphal has a unique corporate structure for a construction company. The contractor doesn’t have a general superintendent that schedules and manages labor. Instead, it relies on project managers to monitor projects across 15 states.

Project managers don’t often manage labor directly and those managers needed an effective way to account for supply and demand. They were relying on shared spreadsheets and email, but the number of people involved in maintaining those spreadsheets had made the scheduling process cumbersome. This process was difficult, fragmented, and ultimately, costly when mistakes were made.

Westphal needed not just accountability, but a streamlined, digital solution that could ensure every project manager was getting accurate information every time. Workforce Planning was the solution - people management for project managers.

Now, Westphal introduces new project managers to Workforce Planning with a series of trainings that cover labor scheduling and resource profiles. Each of the project managers’ projects is color coded so scheduling and job costing data can be easily analyzed.

As new features are added to the platform, Westphal works directly with project managers to make sure they are realizing efficiencies and have a better understanding of the available labor pool.

Right Person, Right Job

With Workforce Planning, project managers can know job assignments and transparently communicate needs and available resources without sending a single e-mail. The skill level and availability of laborers is viewable in real-time, so project managers can move workers based on changing circumstances and let teams know via text messaging.

“Being able to message our whole company or certain groups of people—that communication tool was something we hadn’t seen before,” Sutter says.

Westphal & Company also integrated Workforce Planning with Viewpoint® to align its labor and financial numbers. The synced platforms meant that Westphal wouldn’t have to manually enter labor information twice and could start to dig into the true costs of projects.

By automating employee information via a digital platform, Westphal cut down on potential data entry mistakes and had real-time information on new hires the instant they were onboarded. 

With labor costs slashed, the team is able to focus on more important things than keeping phone numbers manually updated.

“Our people are always accurate,” says Sutter. “It makes my life a lot easier.”

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