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Scott Construction

Scott Construction Group is a multi-discipline construction manager and general contractor with offices in Vancouver, BC and Calgary, AB.

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Managing the complexity of a construction project is nothing new to industry veterans like Scott Construction Group. Started in 1984, the construction management and general contracting firm has built a reputation for the high level of service and innovation it brings to each of its projects, which range from residential towers to institutional facilities.

Not one to rest on its laurels, the Burnaby, British Columbia-based firm knows that to successfully manage its projects it needs to continuously revisit its business processes. One practice that stood out for Scott was the lack of consistent business practices among its numerous project teams. With Scott's growing project portfolio, it was critical that all project teams, regardless of their individual build, be on the same page.

"There wasn't standardization between the different project groups," explains Matt Gore, a Scott project manager. "We did have master templates of logs and other documents, but over the years it had gotten to the point where they started to diverge."

"The Daily Log is a big one for us from the site level. It's so much faster for our team members to fill out on the jobsite."

Matt Gore
Scott Construction

Keeping everyone in the know

In January 2014, Scott implemented Procore. It was the first time the company turned to a construction management software solution. Now, not only is everyone on the same page, but projects are now running more efficiently and effectively.

"We can now come into a different project and have the confidence of knowing that it's similar regardless of which project it is," says Matt.

But that wasn't always the case.

Prior to Procore, Scott's project teams worked with Excel and paper-based documents. Team members spent a lot of time entering data on spreadsheets and then entering duplicate information into Word documents.

"The problem with that is that the more times you enter the data, the more chances mistakes will be made," explains Matt. "By inputting data multiple times, the data integrity was reliant on whether the person entered everything correctly per entry."

Procore not only eliminates redundancies, it also keeps all of Scott's project data in one central place so that every time a drawing is updated or RFI is submitted, it's tracked and captured in the software.

Project data is now easily accessible.

Before Procore, team members had to comb through stacks of notebooks to track down project information. That has all changed now with Procore's Daily Log Tool. It allows users to keep track of what's happening in the field—from equipment and materials to labour and jobsite events. Project data is captured and automatically archived, and is immediately accessible from anywhere.

"The Daily Log is a big one for us from the site level," says Matt. "It's so much faster for our team members to fill out on the jobsite. The data is also tied to other tools within Procore and much more useful. I can search and filter it."

Another big advantage of using Procore is its cloud-based technology. The project management staff can see in real-time what's happening out on the field at any time and from any mobile device. "You can check on manpower and see whose onsite that day and see photos," says Matt. "That is a huge help."