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HITT Contracting

HITT Contracting is one of the top 100 general contracting companies in the US with offices in 5 states and a portfolio of over 2,500 projects per year.

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HITT Contracting wanted to create a collaborative environment where all projects could be standardized but flexible enough to work within the different market sectors and for the various owners they deal with.


Thanks to Procore's collaborative interface and unparalleled customer service, HITT Contracting has been able to run more than 400 projects on Procore and has a standardized system in place.

"Procore is exactly what we needed to standardize how we do things the HITT way. And Procore's customer service is the best we've ever experienced."

Jim Landefeld
HITT Contracting


HITT Contracting

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HITT Contracting, Inc., with a 77 year history, is a general contracting company based right outside Washington, D.C. They currently have five regional offices in addition to their headquarters located in South Florida, Atlanta, Charleston, Denver and Baltimore.

We spoke with Jim Landefeld, Senior Vice President of Operations Technology, who makes sure technology is available to their whole staff, so that they can do their job better and more efficiently. "I interact as the Procore contact for all of our company. Any questions, concerns and customization requests come through me and we work with Procore to address them."

The Problem

Jim told us a few challenging areas where HITT had been seeking solutions for quite sometime.

"Our main concern was centralizing all our data from the many projects that we run. Essentially we wanted to create a collaborative environment so that all of our projects could run more efficiently with the help of the most up-to-date technology."

HITT was also looking for a way to standardize this process to meet their needs. As Jim puts it, "We were looking to adopt a HITT standard format for project management that would match the way we do business and meet the needs of our various customers."

HITT runs over 2,500 projects a year within 12 different market sectors, each presenting an array of needs. "We have different owners who sometimes cross over from one market sector to another, and that highlights the importance of the standardization. HITT needed a way to allow owners to get things done in a standard format, with configurable features, whether they were working with a law group or a health care group."

Procore's Implementation Process

HITT now uses Procore for all their large projects, with new employees being required to learn the software as part of their onboarding.

"The roll-out process has been amazing and we currently have about 400 jobs running in Procore. We started the process sometime in the fall of last year and went live within six months. The goal was to have about 450 jobs running in Procore and we continue to see a great surge in the adoption of the software because of the ease of use."

The majority of HITT's staff and clients are now proficient with and use Procore daily.

"Our last count was right around 900 users entirely, including architects, owners, subcontractors, as well as HITT employees. HITT employees are required to use Procore on any job that we run that's $100,000 or greater."

As part of onboarding, HITT employees go through an online Procore training.

"We also have a weekly conference call on Wednesdays at 1:30 with our Account Manager, and go over the jobs we have set up within Procore. We call it Procore Implementation."

Procore assigns each customer their own AM that sticks with them through the whole process.


Procore offers many easy-to-use features that automate project management tasks and create a central hub for real time project information.

The Dashboard, easily accessible on the homepage, provides an overview of the current status of the project. "We have Procore set up in market sectors with our executives using the Executive Dashboard which enables them to oversee all the projects that fall within their market sector. They're able to hone in on specific problem areas within jobs that fall under their control based on the red, green or yellow of the dashboard."

Jim tells us more about which Procore features HITT's employees use daily.

"The Submittal Tool is definitely the most important because it organizes all our many jobs. The submittal log is used for tracking all sorts of different things. This tool has gone through many changes recently, and everybody's happier with it. We probably have about 25 different custom reports in the submittal log right now, customized for the different architects' or owners' needs."

One of the advantages of Procore is the ability to simplify and modify these project complexities. For example, the Submittal Tool offers schedule information which makes it easier to figure out lead times for specific resources needed for a job site. It also enables submittal custom reporting which will vary depending on the different owners' needs.

"The brand new Bulk Edit feature within the Submittal Tool was just implemented and is constantly being updated. As we go through training, we're being listened to, and our employees' and customers' needs are being taken care of. We also use the action items list to track any requests or issues that we have, which we set up in different categories. We track some of the more major items, like configuration, on a weekly basis. So depending on the complexity of these items, and as soon as we're able to assess the problem and make the necessary changes, we're able to handle them immediately."

Procore's capabilities, like the ability to change, move and title columns, is what HITT really needed to tailor each job and user.

"Procore's customizable tools are a crucial feature for us. Everything fits the way we do business. And if we have a question, we get an answer quickly because Procore understands how important it is for us to get the information to our people as quickly as possible."

Procore's Customer Service

Jim walks us through the customer service process, one of the many benefits of adopting Procore.

"The weekly phone call with our AM, in addition to daily conversations when necessary, takes care of any issues that we have. We're also able to track any outstanding requests, as I get a lot from HITT employees, asking for this or that to be changed. And through this weekly conference call where we review the action items list, we're able to pinpoint those items and resolve them as quickly as possible."

Along with a dedicated account manager, who is available to help at anytime, Procore support can be accessed via live chat, phone, email, webinar and training videos.

"What we've found by talking to our people that have gone through the training, is that they're using Procore's live chat function a lot, to go through problems and questions that they have, which are handled immediately."

The Procore Difference

Jim praises the way HITT's Account Manager has taken his team through the implementation and training process seamlessly.

"You could tell, just by talking to Procore, how enthusiastic they were. We've been looking for something for a while that would take each of our clients' different approaches to running their jobs and standardize that process. What I've been most impressed with is the support and understanding from our AM of our many distinct needs in order to function as a company with our varied portfolio of small jobs to huge jobs, and everything in between. No matter how our clients do things, because of Procore's ease of use, they are able to present their work in a standard format which is just what we were looking for."

"Procore is exactly what we needed to standardize the "HITT way."

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