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Engelberth Construction

Engelberth Construction is a full service construction company with offices in Vermont and New Hampshire. With over 40 years of knowledge and experience, Engelberth provides clients with guidance and assurance throughout each and every project.

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The team at Engelberth wanted a solution that was going to give their field staff easy access to all project data and, in turn, increase the amount of information documented.


Procore's unlimited user licenses and mobile app allows all team members to stay up to date with relevant project information. In addition, the quality of information has significantly increased with Procore's easy-to-use field tools.

"We really needed to make the change to mobile. Procore really shines in that area."

Tom Clavell, Executive VP and CFO
Engelberth Construction

Engelberth's First Steps: Making the Switch from Constructware

Tom Clavell, Executive VP and CFO knew that Engelberth needed a solution that was going to push their company forward. "We were in a three-year contract with ConstructWare and we had been with them for 15 years. We were actually one of the first companies using ConstructWare. Chris and I had gone out to ConstructWare to discuss our next three-year contract and find out about the development and features that they were working on. We didn't feel like the development roadmap–where they were putting development funds, what features they were coming out with, and what direction they were going–was something that would benefit us or our needs as a company."

Mobile tools were essential for the field staff at Engelberth and Constructware was far from where they needed to be. Tom asked Chris Russell, Director of Information Systems and Process Development to find a new solution that would meet the company's growing needs. Once Chris began comparing software platforms, he discovered Procore and knew the team could easily make the transition. "I started comparing ConstructWare and Procore side by side and I realized that 80% of what we already did day to day, we could do similarly in Procore. We knew it would be an easy transition and we gained that mobile functionality," says Chris. It was easy for Chris to convince the team to make the switch, knowing that the future of construction was in mobile. "We found that, while ConstructWare wasn't putting money into the mobile tools, Procore excelled on the mobile front. We've been using a desktop version of software for a while, and in order to take the next step, we really needed to make the change to mobile. Procore really shines in that area."

Chris and the team began implementation with just a few projects. "We started off with two projects and did training with our whole team. We pushed all employees to go through the Procore Certification because we knew it would answer 85% of their questions." Once the team was Procore certified, Chris and Tom held office-wide training to review the different tools. "Initially, we started with one training session. Within two weeks, they were ready to go and working on their jobs within Procore," says Chris. "Now, we're going to have a second round of training to touch on all the tools we didn't cover the first time."

Mobile Matters

From the beginning, Engelberth knew they were looking for a project management solution that was focused on mobile development and field tools. After just a few weeks, Tom was already noticing an improvement in the field teams' use of the software. "That was maybe the biggest difference we saw and that was where all the gains were going to be made – taking the product into the field," says Tom. Tom has also noticed the field team taking advantage of iPhone features that make documenting information significantly easier. "What's great about the mobile app is that people can use Siri to translate speech to text and record their notes in Procore using their voice. That's something we've been asking for for years. Plus, adding pictures has become significantly easier. Previously, we had to take pictures, go back to the office, upload them, rename them, and then attach them to a file. Procore's mobile app takes away that entire process and makes it almost enjoyable to do."

Not only is the field team taking advantage of the mobile tools, but the quality and quantity of information that is now being documented is significantly higher. "The mobile tools make it easier for people to access and input data. Now, the quality of our data is significantly higher than it used to be."

Instant Gratification

Almost instantly after making the switch from Constructware, Chris noticed that the field staff seemed less resistant to documenting information. "Some of our project managers who have never done meeting minutes before, have gone in and are using the Meeting Minutes Tool because it's so much easier," says Chris. Team members who previously spent time marking up drawings by hand, are now using Procore to save time and eliminate manual work. Chris continues, "One of the first employee comments I heard about Procore was from a gentleman who makes a lot of markups and provides very in-depth comments on everything. Previously, he was doing that in a PDF but now, Procore does a good chunk of that for him so he doesn't have to do that anymore. He comes to me and says ‘their Drawings Tool is awesome!'. He was very impressed with the OCR technology as well. It was taking him 2-3 days to link all the RFI's and addendums to the drawings and it literally takes him a couple hours now."

"Mobile is now their friend, not the enemy."

Chris and Tom both agree that the biggest improvement they've seen from Constructware to Procore is the amount of information that is now being recorded. Chris found that the amount of information in the daily logs is continuing to grow every day and employees are finding the platform easy and helpful to use. "I would say the biggest improvement we've seen with Procore is the ability to capture data in the field. The daily logs have grown exponentially. Those who previously did not have time to go back to the office to enter information, are entering information from their phones. People who didn't like to use the computer before are now our biggest users of the mobile app; they're putting in the most amount of content for safety-related issues and job site documentation. Mobile is now their friend, not the enemy." With more complete reports, the accuracy of the reports has increased as well. "Most daily reports were previously done at the end of the day. Now, the mobile tools offer them the flexibility to do their daily report as it's happening. They're able to make notes and comments and add pictures in real time."

Engelberth recently started using the Inspections Tool with Procore, and Chris found that, because employees don't have to leave Procore to create a new inspection, adoption has been high. "Before we had to use different tools for inspections because we couldn't do them in Constructware. Now with Procore, that information is stored in conjunction with all our other project information. So you no longer have to look in different places."

After 15 years on Constructware, Engelberth Construction made the switch to Procore and the benefits were immediate. Information is now documented instantly, visibility amongst all team members has increased, and employees are able to work more efficiently. Having all relevant project information and tools in one comprehensive platform has allowed the field staff to perform inspections, upload photos, and mark up drawings in minutes.

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