Case Study

Clear Height Properties

Centralized, Accessible, Transparent.

The Challenge

As a small team, Clear Height Properties has no time to waste when managing an industrial portfolio of 2 million square feet. Developing and implementing processes to keep their business efficient, productive, and profitable was a crucial goal for Chief Operating Officer, Joe Sergi. Sergi found that the team was spending too much valuable time on administrative tasks, compiling spreadsheets, and going back and forth in email to manage bidding and cost tracking. These processes did not allow for transparency across the team, and the data was not being compiled in a trackable way. Sergi, who spends much of his time on the road, was constantly emailing back and forth with his team across the Clear Height portfolio to get visibility into projects. The lack of organization, access to data, and transparency, led Sergi to find a better way.

“I needed a way to access and oversee our projects anywhere and at any time.”
Joe Sergi
Joe Sergi, Chief Operating Officer
Clear Height

The Solution

Joe Sergi was looking for a solution to help manage projects and give Clear Height an edge in their recently launched third-party management sector. When he learned of Procore, Sergi was confident that the product would be a game-changer for Clear Height, and was immediately involved in the decision to implement the new software platform. Once having grown accustomed to using a tool that is automated, real-time, and cloud-based, Sergi never wanted to go back to manually updating spreadsheets for bidding, cost tracking, and reporting.

Interior office building

The Results

After signing up, Clear Height was able to implement and start running their projects through Procore in less than a week. The ability to access project information in real time has been a priceless upgrade to Clear Height’s processes. Sergi can spend less time looking for the right spreadsheet and more time doing meaningful work for the company.

The bidding, RFI, and cost tracking capabilities have helped improve turnaround time and accuracy on their projects, so Clear Height can not only better manage their own projects, but also the projects they manage for their clients as a third-party manager. Sergi has found that his ability to provide “previously unseen visibility” to Clear Height’s clients has given them a competitive edge in the market and resulted in an improved experience for their client stakeholders.

Clear Height Properties is a real estate investment and management company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Joe Sergi is the Chief Operating Officer, responsible for overseeing property management, construction, and business development.


Chicago, IL

Primary Industry

Commercial Real Estate Owner, Industrial

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