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Case Study

Broccolini Construction

Broccolini is a single-source provider of construction, development, and real-estate services. As a construction firm and real estate developer, Broccolini serves the residential, commercial, and industrial markets of Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto.

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Broccolini Construction was using Newforma to manage parts of their projects, but needed a way to simplify and standardize their processes.


Using Procore's project management platform, Broccolini was able to simplify their day-to-day work and launch the company into the next era of project management software. The field and office team communicate seamlessly, and work is completed on time.

"Procore really is intuitive and easy to use."

Adam Martelli, Project Coordinator
Broccolini Construction

From Old to New

Adam Martelli, Project Coordinator for Broccolini Construction, saw the company through the transition from Broccolini's previous system to Procore. "The implementation of our previous system wasn't really a success as far as serving the needs of our Construction Department. There were a lot of tools available, but the learning curve was steep and the platform too complex to navigate, thus making it difficult for many of our staff to use to its full potential. In the end, the adoption rate just wasn't great," says Adam. In the struggle to train employees on the new software, adoption never took off the way it should have. "Some of our colleagues were using it more than others, but we didn't really have a training program that was robust enough to sustain proper use of that system."

When Broccolini realized its existing construction management solution wasn't meeting the organization's needs, they started to look into Procore. Adam notes, "We began using Procore on two pilot projects. We wanted to test them to better qualify the potential added value. The trial went very well and, from that point on, we were on board." Team members were able to catch on quickly and began to enter their project information directly from the field before being formally trained to do so. "About 5 months after signing for an enterprise license, we were already running about 25 projects in Procore."

From the start, Adam and the team at Broccolini have devoted their time and resources to properly train their employees to learn the software. Procore's Implementation and Support teams gave the team at Broccolini the tools necessary to successfully start running projects immediately. "When I started pushing for Procore, I told everyone, 'You don't need a Masters degree to learn how to use it.' In contrast, we've found that other industry solutions require hours and hours of dedicated training before you're able to use them effectively. The fast time to value was one of the main drivers for choosing Procore," says Adam.


Adam is confident that employees will continue to adopt the platform and run projects successfully. "It might be cliche, but Procore really is intuitive and easy to use. That ease of use means people adopt the software, which really lightens the work behind successful implementation of a new system."

Speaking to Procore's ease of use, Adam notes that the user-friendly interface is one of the best features of the software. "When you open up Procore, everything you need is right in front of you. You don't have to go searching for information to see what's going on. The great user experience has really played an important role in driving adoption."

Built by You, For You

As training continues at Broccolini, Adam has found that the tools and workflows in Procore are synonymous with what is happening on the job site. "There are a lot of CRMs and other solutions built by software developers who don't truly understand what the customer actually needs. Procore really gets it–this product was built with the customer in mind. When I open up Procore, I can see that it was built to solve all the pain points of my day-to-day life," says Adam.

Comparing Procore to other solutions that Broccolini was exploring, it became clear that a solution designed with the user in mind made the adoption process easier than the company could have imagined. "I think the cornerstone of Procore's success is that they talk to their customers when they are developing something–which means the processes are intuitive. When something doesn't work exactly how we need it to, I know I can contact Procore and say 'Hey, this is not working.' Chances are they're already working on it and the fix is going to be released soon."

When Adam started training the field team, he found they were able to start using the platform immediately. With Newforma, Adam recalls, it wasn't that easy. "One of the basic problems with having an in-house server was that any time we needed to access the software in the field, we would have to wait for what seemed like an eternity for it to load. It was ridiculous and became a burden to the field team."

Team members were unable to access the information they needed when they needed it most, creating more work for them in the long run. "We were doubling up on work by updating information multiple times, in different places, then we had to sync that data manually, and send it out to everyone. With Procore's cloud-based solution, we can connect instantly from the job site, quickly enter the information, and it's automatically in the hands of everyone without any extra steps involved in the process –it's that easy," says Adam. Since implementing Procore, Adam has seen the entire team's attitude improve. The platform is easy to use and they are no longer dreading the idea of using technology to record information in the field.

Manage Specs...Smarter

The way drawing and specification tools were managed prior to Procore left Adam and the Broccolini team working twice as hard to properly prepare and send out updated sets. "Prior to Procore, we were managing specs pretty much like drawings. We received a set of specs, when they got updated we would expire the old ones, unpackage and replace with new ones, publish them, and then send transmittals to the different parties so they could be reviewed. Those in charge of administering document control had a very challenging task of managing a log of our specs and other contractual documents in an Excel spreadsheet, printing it out, and then reviewing every detail for accuracy prior to publication," says Adam.

Using the Drawings and Specs tools in Procore, Broccolini has been able to simplify the updating and sharing of new information with all team members and necessary parties. Adam notes, "Being able to access and share our drawings and specs out in the field has been a game-changer for us. All updates to the drawings are made in real time, so everyone is automatically working off of the current set." Instead of spending time tracking down information, updating spreadsheets, and ensuring the field team sees the information they need before leaving the office, all the data is automatically updated and stored in Procore, allowing team members to access it anytime, anywhere.

With Procore, searching through all this information is easier than ever. Adam says, "We really appreciate the search functionality in Procore. Sometimes you're looking for a certain keyword, and it's nice to see exactly where it appears in a spec and which division it falls under as opposed to going through a 1500 page document trying to guess where it could be. With lengthy documents, being able to search is critical to maintaining a healthy level of productivity and efficiency."

Adam and the Broccolini team are anxious to see how Procore will continue to speed up processes and increase collaboration.

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