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Bottenfield Construction

Headquartered in Santa Clarita, California, Bottenfield Construction is a commercial and residential provider of construction management services.

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Bottenfield Construction needed an efficient alternative to paperwork and carrying large drawing sets to the jobsite.


Procore now stores all of the company's drawings and revisions, daily logs, and photographs in a central repository. Instead of transporting drawing sets to and from the jobsite,they are all instantly accessible on Procore for iPad or iPhone.

"I've showed other contractors how easy it is to implement Procore into what they do every day. It's an honest testimonial and Procore sells itself."

Bottenfield Construction

The company is currently working 10 jobs including tenant improvements on Procore's new 20,000 square foot HQ building. "We just wrapped up on a very modern, very unique improvement that is state-of-the-art," says Jerry Stone, Superintendent at Bottenfield Construction and 35 year industry veteran.

Describing his role at Bottenfield, Jerry says, "I work with the project manager to coordinate work and quality control. I'd say 90 per cent of my time is delegating responsibility, generating reports, researching products, and calculating price. I also deal with architects, engineers, subcontractors, and Procore."

In regards to adapting to the new technology, "It's a daily learning experience," Jerry says, but he appreciates the support he obtains on a regular basis from the Procore team. "They have taught me everything so far, from using the Procore app and the software to going through RFIs, which is what we do with our submittals so that everyone sees what's going on. Typically, we follow up with photographs, daily timeline pictures, and things of that nature."

Jerry says, "In the past, I've always had to document information, keep a paper trail, employ reports, and keep them all on file for many years. Now all of these tasks have been eliminated."

Time Savings with Cloud-Based Access

At the end of a large project, the company could have up to 1,000 log sheets that need to be filed away for reference and auditing purposes. Now, Bottenfield keeps all important company documents in Procore. Employees with the proper permission levels can see daily logs, photographs, and accident logs instantly. "If anything ever comes up, it's a simple click to find month-old documentation that would otherwise take someone manually searching through the filing cabinets."

Jerry believes that having all important records accessible online saves the company time and money. He describes a previous job that had three revisions, where he needed to carry four large sets of plans. "Now I would take my iPad because it has all the revisions from one to four. This saves not only an hour for myself, but for the two or three subcontractors involved as well. Then there's the framer, AC and electrical, and everyone else who's involved in the rough aspect, who are saving time, too."

Restaurant built by Bottenfield Construction

Software Development Based on Real Customer Feedback

Bottenfield has given several feature suggestions to the Procore team. "Everything has been received really, really well," Jerry says. "Procore is proactive and wanting to do what's needed to make it the best product it can be. The teamwork and communication has been awesome."

Two crucial elements of implementing new software are having a user-friendly product and the support to back it up. If those elements are in place, construction teams do not have to become IT professionals to get their work done.

Both Procore and the team at Bottenfield Construction view feature improvements as a learning experience for everyone involved. "We have a very non-tech savvy guy, me, who basically needed help turning the iPad on, on day one. I went from that to being able to utilize very important tools because Procore is so easy to use," Jerry explains. "Then we have people in the office who are very tech savvy and have totally embraced it. The partnership from the beginning was invaluable for us. Procore's tech support is awesome"

Jerry speaks about Bottenfield's close proximity to Procore's offices: "The relationship I've had with every person I've met over there has been positive. When some of the employees come over and are a little bit intimidated by the construction workers, we all embrace them with open arms. That same openness is shared on behalf of their account management and customer support."

Looking Forward

When Bottenfield moves on to their next project, they fully intend to continue using Procore. Now that the employees are experienced users, Procore will be even easier to use on future projects. "We're never going to regress, and we're never returning to the old way of doing things," says Jerry. "Everyone's embracing it. And as for myself and our company––we'll never go back. We love it."

Jerry says that he has already recommended Procore to other contractors. He believes that instead of trying to sell someone on the product, all that is necessary is to educate people about what Procore is capable of. "I've showed other contractors how easy it is to implement Procore into what they do every day. It's an honest testimonial and Procore just sells itself."